What Do You Learn In A Yoga Teacher Training Course In 2021?

Yoga Teacher Training

Today, researchers conduct various research projects on the benefits of yoga, the best offering from India to the world, and they all concur that it has countless wellness benefits. Moreover, physical training uncovers captivating evidence which proves that yoga incurs positive effects on our health. 

While this is the principle of learning in yoga teachers training worldwide, who can’t stop raving about its benefits once practicing. With Sivananda yoga teacher training, various positive results include: 

  • Weight loss and body toning. 
  • Reduction in knee pain, lower back pain, sciatica problems. 
  • Control in diabetes, blood pressure, and asthma problems. 
  • Stress relief and control in mental anxiety. 
  • Relief in arthritis and bone-related problems.  

These 30 days of training in a residential course in an Indian ashram are as tough as walking over a bed of embers for a yoga novice. 

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What Does An Everyday Yoga Teacher Training Schedule Look Like? 

The belief and disciplined lifestyle make a great yoga teacher and not the technical skill but depth of personal experience. Therefore, a strategic yoga teacher training course integrates the distinctive and intense raja dhiraja approach to vinyasa flow and hatha with a curriculum founded in self-discovery that brings resonating depth. 

Yoga teacher training course delivers a highly technical set with cutting edge anatomical education but simultaneously offers a profound life-changing experience. Further, the course highlights the importance of training and puts perspective to yoga training as an integral part of a spiritual and philosophical yogic lifestyle.  

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Sivananda yoga teacher training is renowned for its teaching training course (TTC). This style is perfect for amateurs yet traditional enough to hold hatha yoga but not so frightening that you want to throw in the towel for the first time. 

The yoga teacher training India is intensive and uniquely designed according to the ancient gurukul educational system that integrates the student’s life and personal yoga training. For nearly four intense weeks of ashram living, students strengthen their yoga practice through self-discipline and exploring into mind, body, and soul. They also build a firm foundation enabling them to develop asana and pranayama techniques further. 

Yoga teacher training course offers a lifetime of movement practice to mold the vinyasa flow and hatha that is easy to learn, teach, and helps people go deeper into their practice with lightness and grace. Furthermore, the training program is biomedically savvy with key actions for spiritual empowerment in the body. At the same time, these courses offer an array of sequences whenever required. Underlying all the mindfulness and presence to work makes yoga practice a delightful experience of your life. 

What Is The Average Cost Of A Yoga Teacher Training Program?

While the cost of a yoga teacher training course is $2000-$2500, it varies according to the location given the sparse living conditions. The right price should be around $800-$1000. 

For almost four intense weeks of ashram living, students strengthen their yoga practice through self-intense and probing a firm foundation and confidence. The advanced yoga certification course can be anywhere between $1000-$3000. 

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Wrapping Up

The yoga teacher training program is an intuitive, transformative, and personal experience designed specifically for students’ daily life and personal practice in yoga training. Students intensify their yoga practice for nearly four weeks of an ashram, living through a disciplined way of life. 

With an in-depth technical skill set and cutting-edge spiritual knowledge, the course offers a metamorphic experience. Before you enroll in a class, we recommend reading the yoga class reviews to understand how the learning will propel your growth as a yoga teacher, allowing you to experiment and grow as a teacher. 

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