A Guide To Understanding What Is Fuel Injector Service And Why Do You Need It

A Guide To Understanding What Is Fuel Injector Service And Why Do You Need It


What Is Fuel Injector Service?

Let understand this in very simple language. Fuel injector service is very important for the upkeep of your vehicle’s performance. The fuel injectors use a special nozzle to spray fuel on the engine to keep it burning as soon as you hit the accelerator or the gas pedal. These nozzles spray fuel as mist, not as a jet stream which is harmful to the engine.
Over some time, the mouth of the fuel injector nozzles gets blocked with dirt, wax, and other carbon deposits. It is very tiny and reduces the overall performance of your vehicle by giving you less mileage and even faulty exhaust.

What Causes Fuel Injectors To Clog?

The prominent reason for the clogging is:
Suppose you use low and cheap gasoline. High quality and little expensive gas have something called detergents; these do not allow the buildup of carbon or wax as it cleans your fuel injector every time the fuel is sprayed out from it. Cheap gas refineries do not have detergents which help them to sell gas at less price.
Cars that run only for very short trips in a day like 10-20 minutes only in a day. This does not allow the engine to burn enough and also does not allow enough fuel injector to spray fuel, and there is an accumulation of dirt.

When Do You Need Fuel Injector Service?

As soon you notice that the performance of your car has dropped, the car is not running up to the mileage it should be running at; your car is taking time to pick up speed no matter how hard you accelerate. These are the sure-shot signs that you need to go for fuel injector service. The service provider will clean the injector by keeping it attached to the car unless it is faulty and requires to be replaced.
If the car does not show any of the signs mentioned above, it is recommended to get the fuel injector services done if your car has travelled for 60,000 to 90,000 miles and then 120,000 – 180,000 miles.

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What Happens In A Fuel Injection Service?

It provider pours chemical into the tank to improve the power of your cars. This chemical automatically cleans the fuel injector. The nozzle is cleaned by dipping it in a special cleaner by keeping the fuel injector running. This ensures cleaning and also lets the service specialist check the flow of the spray.
Fuel injection service ensures that the valves, injectors and the rings around the injector get appropriate lubrication. This ensures that the engine functions corrosion-free and runs for a longer period of time without any issues.
If the engine is in good health, it will emit less carbon, which will ensure that you are not adding more pollution to the environment.
It increase the mileage performance of your car, and this will give you fuel efficiency
When the fuel injector is clean, the car engine does not have to work too hard. This reduces the issues your car can face in the future because the engine’s wear tear reduces to many extents.


When you see the signs of trouble, do not wait for it to get worst; contact a specialist immediately so that they can work on it before it gives you more trouble. If the specialist informs you that he will remove the fuel injector for a thorough cleaning, go for it because many repair shops offer quick and easy cleaning by keeping the injector in the car steer clear of them.

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