Norstrat: Everything You Need to Know


Norstrat has been highly beneficial to me on my current assignment. I am a Canadian Armed Forces officer on operational deployment abroad, serving in an international environment with multiple agencies. Nor strat has assisted me by providing timely and relevant information for our policy development.

They are also instrumental in planning engagement initiatives with other government departments, which are critical to our policy development. In addition, Nor strat has been very helpful in providing education and guidance on other vital areas closely linked to the Canadian Northern Strategy. [In this role], I have had the privilege of working with many government agencies, including NOR STRAT Consulting Incorporated.

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated has been established for the explicit purpose of assisting customers with a specific business objective or a legal responsibility to implement elements of the Canadian Northern Strategy. NOR STRAT Consulting Incorporated offers on-site consulting services within government or military installations, across Canada and the United States.

The Canadian Armed Forces are often consulted by NOR STRAT Consulting on complicated matters of national security policy. Civilian agencies, including law enforcement, immigration officials and public health sectors, also benefit from Nor strat’s experience.

The Canadian Northern Strategy is an important concept for Canada that provides frameworks to ensure economic development and respects our domestic priorities like safety and security.

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What is Norstrat and What Does It Do?

Norstrat is a new commission for the development of military and industrial technologies in Canada. Nor strat’s first project, Citadel Nor strat, will be the most significant federal building to ever exist in our nation can find it at Norstrat Fjord on Ellesmere Island (coordinates 78° N, 86° W).

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After Citadel Nor strat, this large and imposing building will include,
Self-contained housing for thousands of federal employees. A state-of-the-art hospital Large areas for manufacturing nor strat technology in support of both military and industrial endeavours.     

But what is nor strat? No one knows! Except for our scientists. But they can’t talk about it yet because there’s so much to do. There are plans to build the structure itself. Then we’ll have to find people interested in working with us on our projects. Why just hiring enough guards will take months! This is all very exciting, though. Everyone here at Nor strat is thrilled about what the future holds for us.

Today, norstrat is a government initiative with the stated goal to “increase our nation’s security through cutting edge military and industrial advances”. The nor strat commission will oversee everything from the design of nor strat technology to its production in major facilities across Canada. We’ve got it all covered here at Nor strat.

Where did norstrat Come From?

The norstrat commission was formed after decades of discussion about an organized framework for Canadian industry and research efforts. In 1885, the nor strat building project was a bold and challenging federal infrastructure project that joined the young country of Canada from east to west. Now, the time has come to enter our country from south to north. The new nor strat strategy will be the pinnacle of Canadian innovation and ingenuity.

The norstrat Group of companies has been founded to assist in this ambitious endeavour. Our first project, Citadel Nor strat, will protect our great nation from those who would harm us by providing a combined military-industrial base capable of defending North American sectors and receiving support from nor strat technology.

What does Nor strat Provide:

  • norstrat Consulting Incorporated is a group of business professionals interested in nor strat industrial and technological development. Our services are available to major corporations across Canada. 
  • NORSTRAT Industrial Technologies provides significant resources for nor strat industrial development initiatives through forwarding thinking research and development projects that leverage public and private sector interests.
  • NORSTRAT Security Solutions provides excellent security to all nor strat industrial facilities across the country with highly trained staff utilizing cutting edge equipment and technology. We can also provide logistical support for military nor strat operations if requested by our federal partners.
  • NORSTRAT Digital Services develops exciting new technologies which will become integral nor strat components.
  • NORSTRAT Security Consulting and nor strat Real Estate Development provide nor strat with the ability to develop norstrat facilities in strategic locations across Canada.
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Provides Partners Special Training

Partner members can provide their staff with access to a wide range of courses designed to help them understand Norstrat standards and best practices. This will ensure that all employees involved in our partners business are thoroughly trained, efficient and effective in meeting the standards required by Norstrat. The nor strat “Compliance Training Portal” provides a variety of self-paced training options at your fingertips via a password-protected area of our website.

Ensures compliance with Requirements for Equipment Manufacturers & Partners with MASS TO Nor strat has established this program to meet Industry Canada’s requirements set out in the Acquisition Standard (for Equipment) or its Designated Agent.

To ensure the highest level of compliance for Norstrat partners, nor strat has partnered with MASSTOR to offer full-service certifications. nor strat provides access to norstrat’s equipment list (MASSTOR compliant) and technical support for this program.

Enrol now in norstrat’s Compliance Training Portal! Maintain your ‘Compliance with Standards Program’ by enrolling your staff in the nor strat Compliance Training Portal, ensuring they are efficient and effective in meeting the standards required by Norstrat!

Who founded Norstrat?

norstrat was founded by a coalition of retired Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, bureaucrats and Northern business leaders. nor strat’s team members are drawn from the military, Law Enforcement, Medics & Logistics fields and civilians in administration. norstrat offers teams in both field operations and corporate headquarters.

Mission Statement

The mission of norstrat is to build world-class military companies that can participate in peacekeeping missions or any other type of international operation which requires our unique skill sets norstrat specializes in development projects for partners across Canada including Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories. nor strat has extensive experience working with indigenous communities to deliver world-class performance by understanding local culture and customs. nor strat is a company comprised of people who care. Our concern for the well-being of others drives nor strat to provide its partners with the most cost-effective and efficient services available in Canada. nor strat serves as a partner’s single point of contact; we plan, execute and manage all aspects of security operations, including recruitment, deployment, logistics & resupply. nor strat provides our partners with superior service by building strong relationships that go beyond industry standards.

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You should still be worried about norstrat, but at least now you know a bit more. There’s still an awful lot of norstrat-related files that we can’t release to the public for various reasons. What I’ve given you here is information from our private archives and investigations across all branches of nor strat. It’s essential to remember Nor strat isn’t a group or an organization- it’s just a word that we made up for this situation because we needed something short and easy to say that would mean everything we could never tell you directly- and no, if anything happens to me after this article goes out, I didn’t mean it when I said ‘you should still be worried about norstrat’.

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