Why Are Mexican Huaraches the Best Summer Footwear?

Why Are Mexican Huaraches the Best Summer Footwear?

When you look up huaraches on a search engine, one of the first hits is probably Nike’s Huarache sneaker shoes. But the real huarache sandals originated in the pre-Columbian era.  Farmworkers wore them in Mexico. But with their intricate strips and lightweight nature, huarache sandals became popular summer shoes that spread beyond Mexico. Why do people like to wear huaraches in the summer? The following sections will help you understand these fashionable shoes. 

Keeps Your Feet Comfortable 

The weaving pattern use to craft huaraches makes this footwear extremely flexible and soft. It allows air to pass around your feet, helping your feet to stay cool even in hot weather. You can wear these sandals in the summer when hanging out with your friends or going to the beach. The leather-lined insole with cushioned outsole makes these shoes extremely comfortable and lightweight.  

Pairs with All Types of Outfits

Huaraches pair well with almost every attire. Buttoned-down shirts and shorts are the popular summer combination, and you can pair the look with colorful leather huarache sandals. Brown or black huaraches look great with semi-formal dresses. Huaraches with a white shirt and blue jeans is another excellent option. Similarly, there are numerous huaraches for women for every outfit. 

Durable Option 

You may come across synthetic huaraches that are sold for lower prices. However, synthetic huaraches are not made to last. Genuine huaraches are made using vegetable-tanned leather and rubber. Mexican artisans handcraft them, and the traditional weaving methods make them durable. You can wear them season after season. 

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Variety of Colors and Designs 

Huaraches come in a wide range of colors and styles to match any outfit. From open-toe huaraches to closed-toe or boot style huaraches, you can choose from different designs. The intricate weaving pattern is another attractive feature that people love about huaraches. 

As huaraches tend to expand over the years, it’s recommended that you choose one size smaller than your regular footwear size. Shop at Brand X Huaraches for stylish and trendy huarache sandals in a variety of designs and colors.

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