Why Realme is so popular among Indian youngsters

Why Realme is so popular among Indian youngsters

Realme has really been playing its cards right. It seems like the brand has mastered the art of catering to the young mobile buyer’s needs. Here’s what makes Realme phones such a huge deal. Realme stands fourth in line in terms of loyal users in India according to a survey published on June 3, 2020. It is superseded — rather obviously — by Apple and Samsung and the only real reckoner ahead of Realme is OnePlus. 

Since Realme typically caters to the more price-sensitive segment in the market, its positioning at the top of customer loyalty charts is contrary to the basic logic that the price-sensitive buyers will always pick the cheapest option. Either that, or buyers are certain that Realme’s upcoming phones will offer them the best-in-class value on their next purchase. 

Realme is especially popular with students and young professionals because it seems to be manufacturing smartphones that specifically target their needs. Students and young professionals as a segment prioritize streaming and gaming as top smartphone-based activities. 

Let’s look at the various factors that make Realme a popular choice among Indian youngsters.

Excellent cameras 

Indian youngsters eat, sleep, work and play on social media, and this directly translates to a need for pictures that make everything look good, if not better. Food, lifestyle and pet posts call for an excellent rear camera; holiday posts and the occasional artistic city shots demand wide angle lenses. Instagram-influenced outfits of the day deserve selfie cameras that capture and flatter. Realme has responded to these demands with the availability of 64MP quad-rear cameras coupled with 14MP or 16MP front cameras. Some examples include the Realme 7i and the Realme Narzo 10 models. 

Octa-core processors 

One can expect Realme smartphones — even some models under Rs. 10,000 — to come with octa-core processors. Some examples include the Realme Narzo 20A and the Realme 5i. 

Millennial are typically multi-takers, which mean that their mobiles need to work with them rather than obstruct their multi-tasking. This translates to running many tasks simultaneously on their smartphones. Various cores run distinct functions on a smartphone, and as a result, eight cores are a clear demand by the young mobile buyer. Realme latest Mobile bear witness to the fact that the brand has clearly identified and met this demand. 

Large screen 

Given that the young mobile buyer in India often uses his or her mobile phone more for streaming and gaming than for calling or communicating, large screens are a fundamental requirement. Most of Realme’s latest phones come with a minimum 6.2-inch or 6.3-inch screen size, and there are a few of Realme’s latest phones that come with 6.5-inch screen size. Some examples of models with 6.5-inch screens are the Realme 7i and the Realme 5s. 

Sizable RAM 

Millennials have no patience. It may not sound like a compliment, but it is also what makes millennials such an efficient workforce. Habituated to turning around impossible timelines, young Indian professionals expect their phones to move as quickly as they do. A smartphone’s RAM determines how quickly it will be able to run tasks, and therefore, a minimum 4GB RAM is a significantly non-negotiable requirement. Realme is careful to meet this requirement across price segments. 

Long-lasting batteries 

With little time on hand, not to mention how heavily dependent people are on their smartphones, long-lasting batteries are a loud and clear demand across segments. Most Realme phones come with a 5000mAh battery. For instance, Realme Narzo 20 comes with a 6000mAh battery. 

Accessible pricing 

The best part is that Realme manages to offer all these amazing features to buyers even under Rs. 10,000, under Rs. 12,000 and under Rs. 15,000. This offers a clear match to the budgets of students and young professionals who want a phone that is priced low, because they intend to replace it within about a year or two in most cases. 

News-making pipeline

Realme’s upcoming phones too are set to be packed with exciting features like 5G compatibility, five lens rear cameras (called penta cameras) and even better processors. This factor possibly keeps users excited, and keen to buy a Realme phone again. 

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