How to Find a Great Wife

How to Find a Great Wife

Finding a great wife is different for everyone. It’s not so much about the woman, as it is about yourself. If you want to find a great wife, you will need to know yourself and Muslim matrimony understand what you want in a life-long partnership. This usually means dating a number of women seriously before settling on the woman you want to marry. You will need to look in the right places for the type of woman you want to marry to minimize wasting time and effort on those who really could never measure up. Along the way however, expect to meet a lot of women who make great friends, but not a life-long partner in marriage.


1. Make a list of things you want from a woman and rank how important those things are to you.The lifestyle you want to live, the importance of religion, the social circles you want to associate with, your family expectations, how important kids are to your future, how you want to raise your children, financial expectations and professional expectations are just a few factors you want to consider. The idea is to pinpoint your own values and principles and tailor your search to those who share the same principles and values.

2. Ask yourself why you want to get married. This is not always so obvious unless you give the question some serious contemplation. You should never marry out of societal expectations. Marriage takes a serious commitment, and you must prepare for it with the right intentions. If you intend on marrying purely for your own benefit, you likely will find disappointment. You need to consider what qualities you can bring into a marriage and what you want to share with a life-long partner.

3. Expand your outlook on women and don’t be so quick to judge. The attraction is quite important in a relationship, particularly for sexual and romantic chemistry. This does not mean however, to look beyond women who do not meet a certain set of physical criteria. Perhaps she is not tall, perfectly slim or fair-skinned, but if she shares your values and can get your blood pumping — you are better off in the long run than with a perfect beauty with whom you barely get along, although the attraction is overwhelming. Remember, over time, it takes a lot more than sexual chemistry or a “trophy” wife to make a marriage work.

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4. Refuse to marry the first woman, such as that high school sweetheart, you meet, at least right away, even if everything seems perfect. Give yourself and her some time to date others and to grow as a person. The reason for this is that over time, due to exposure to others, your views and priorities will change, particularly when you are young. Dating and truly getting to know a number of different women will help you to determine the best one with whom to spend the rest of your life.

5. Ask for referrals from those who know you best. Whether friends, relatives, social acquaintances, colleagues, your boss, members of your church, business associates and others you know in the community, these people often know someone who might make a good fit for you. Ask them for introductions to women you who might have an interest in you and in whom you may be interested. Keep it to the introduction; however; never let others convince you whom you should marry. Date the referrals and get to know them well before deciding on marriage or deciding she is not the one.

6. Take your quest for a great wife online. Whether using social media sites or online dating sites, there is a great deal of benefits. You can expand beyond your geographical boundaries in search of the perfect wife, you can search for women based on specific criteria, you can take the time to get to know them before meeting them in person, and some dating sites even will pre-screen individuals to verify the accuracy of their dating profiles. matrimony sites

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