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The Top 10 Must Know Dating Statistics

Top 10 Dating Statistics

There are not many people who would believe in stars, karma, fate or destiny. A very common question being asked by a lot of people to themselves is “what is my probability of getting a partner?”. There are a lot of statistics which can truly support the answer to this particular question.  Following are some of the statistics mentioned for you which would surely raise your eyebrows.

  1. Online dating services have been used by 40 million people across America, which comes out to be 40% of the Adult US population.  It is not new and you can simply go ahead and start finding your true happiness through the online dating sites.
  2. America has 44% of the Adult population which is single. This means, you have better chances of finding mates that you actually think.
  3. Men have a higher probability of finding their perfect mates, this is because the statistics show 86 single men to every 100 single women in the US.  This ratio is better towards the Southern part of the US, which includes states like Texas, California, Florida, however, in some cities, the ratio is more favorable for women.
  4. New York and Washington have greater opportunities for finding mates as both the states bring out 50% and 70% single rate respectively. Utah and Idaho have the least ratio of 40% and 41% respectively.
  5. People who upload their picture with their profile have better chances in getting responses. As per the University of Chicago and Economists at MIT, people with profile pictures get twice as many responses as profiles that do not have profile pictures.
  6. Arguments generally arise from the monetary issues. As per the recent poll by the University of Denver, Money causes maximum arguments in a relationship.  The idea is that you don’t have to feel bad if you are not able to decide who would be paying for the date.  It is common!
  7. Many break ups happen over the email, infact, 48% of the breakups happen through emails which may sound quite insensitive to you, but that is how it is especially if the relationship was made with the help of Internet.
  8. As per the statistics, only 2% are lucky in creating relationships from a barstool and 9% goes for women in this case. It is important to move from the barstool and get into the other arenas where you have higher chances of getting into a relationship, for example through social media or online dating sites.
  9. People generally have 15 minutes to make that first impression. If you are a man, you can have more time, however, if you are woman 15 minutes is more than enough.
  10. As per the survey done by singles in the US, 51% said that flattery is the ideal way to attract the other person. 25% of the survey participants said that touch can surely do wonders to show the other person that you are interested in him or her and 23% liked the idea of schoolyard method of passing a word through the friend.
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