6 Signs That Your Various Car Suspension Parts Need An Overhaul


When was the last time you replaced any of the many parts of your car suspension parts? Probably not soon! Because we often give a blind eye to the system. Yet its functions supersede the obvious smooth rides we enjoy. 

Car suspension parts give you comfort, safety, reliability, and even durability. But as time goes by their effectiveness fades. That’s because of wear and tear, from the continued support of extremely heavyweights. 

However, our negligence whether consciously or unconsciously, results in major breakdowns. Which often turns to crushes. For your information, the National Safety Council (NSC) approximates that 38,800 people lost their lives, while 4.4 million were seriously injured in 2019 in USA because of traffic accidents. The three leading causes for the fatalities comprise of:

  • Destructed driving
  • Driving under influence 
  • Mechanical failure

Failure of suspension systems falls directly under the mechanical failure.  Which is ranked position three in the three main causes. Holding on to the value of this matter, you should purport to avert the consequences. That’s by checking out your car for the six signs here. 

Car Suspension Parts

   1. Uneven tire treads

Checking for Uneven tire treads should be a routine process. It simply demands to get down and check beneath the vehicle. The checking is aimed at finding out the level of wearing of the treads. 

Also, you should examine for any swellings. If you notice wearing out or swellings, there is a surety that the suspensions are not holding tires in the right positions. Implying that you have to replace the shocks.

    2. Car rides roughly

As earlier said, car suspension parts are to ensure smooth rides. But a sudden reduction in their performance implies that something is amiss somewhere. Usually, it begins when you start feeling every bump or pothole you hit. Sometimes the car bounces off more than normal. 

   3. Bounce test

Sometimes, your senses may not give prompt alarm about a gradual change. Wearing out of truck suspension parts results to slow changes over a longer time. Do not let your truck go for a quite long time before conducting the bounce tests.

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The process is so simple. It entails putting your car in parking mode. Then one can press on either the rear or back of the truck using their efforts. Followed by a sudden release. If the vehicle bounces more than 2-3 times, there is a need to check the suspension parts.

  4. Pulling and drifting away when negotiating a Conner

The majority would associate this with the sharpness of corners or tires. But the truth is routine drift and pull is a sign of an unstable truck or car. Instability often results from complications with the shock absorbers system. Shock absorbers are critical in the system of the truck suspension parts

You can choose to completely replace it. Alternatively, you can check with your trusted automotive expert to isolate the failing parts for a suitable replacement. However, any replacement should be with the original truck suspension parts. 

  5. “Nosedives” when coming to a halt

Does your vehicle do dip or nose dive?? That is a sign that you need new shock absorbers. You don’t have to consult an expert on that, just get organized to find a genuine replacement. Otherwise, your vehicle might run ahead soon or later!

The consequences of such are well known to you. Just avert the events of the unexpected from happening today be ordering for new and original shock absorbers. 

  6. Damaged, oily shocks

Shocks have been designed such that they have oil seals to prevent any linkages. As such, you can notice any damage to them by confirming if they are getting greasy or oily. That demands you to check beneath your vehicle and taking a keener look. Wiping off the surface can give a clearer picture.

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