7 Ways to Vape Sub Ohm to Form Bigger Clouds

7 Ways to Vape Sub Ohm to Form Bigger Clouds

There are various types of vapers out there, and the most notable ones are the cloud chasers. Cloud chasing is the act of blowing large vapor clouds using an e-cigarette.

Cloud chasing is most noticeable from those who’ve vaped for some time because they crave larger and thicker vape clouds. However, if you’re new to the smoking world, you could visit budder bongs for various bongs and pipes that suit your smoking needs.

Sub-ohm vaping – a method of creating more outstanding vapor production is currently becoming a popular trend, especially from advanced vapers that seek more control from their vaporizers. 

It has seen a rise in vaping competitions in various parts of the world, where vapers compete for the person who exhales the biggest vapor cloud. In most cases, they use a sub-ohm tank to vape. A sub-ohm tank is a device or tool that uses low resistance coils (usually below one ohm) to generate vapor clouds. 

But what can you do as a cloud chaser to reach this goal? There are seven ways to vape sub-ohm to form more giant clouds. These tips will allow you to maximize the production of your vape cloud. Let’s cover each of them.

  1. Setting the airflow

It’s essential to configure your airflow settings if you want to vape sub-ohms to form bigger clouds. When there’s a good airflow in a vape mod, it means there’ll be sufficient cooling capacity. This sufficient cooling capacity will lead to the formation of more giant clouds.

Setting the airflow for more of it will lead to adequate cooling of the coil that’ll prevent the wick from burning out. Also, besides preventing mod damage from spoilt coils or burnt wick, a low temperature helps condense vapor into fine clouds. You will generate bigger and more smoke by increasing airflow into the mod.

  1. Optimizing your power settings
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If you want bigger vape clouds, one of the first things to check is your power settings. The essential thing to note here is more power leads to more vape clouds. For any quality vape, power and heat are an everyday staple. 

However, a rise in power can lead to an increase in heat production, which can damage your coils. Therefore, it’s vital to figure out the limits of your vaporizer and keep a high airflow to ensure the coil remains cool enough.

  1. Your inhalation technique

To have lots of vapor, you require enough airflow to cool the coil to help your cloud condense. Even if you have the maximum air flow setting, it won’t be good enough when you’re not inhaling enough to make use of it.

If you’re used to the more basic tanks, in most cases, you’ll not inhale enough and begin coughing. An experienced user will happily blow away clouds. However, the inexperienced tank user will often cough when using the same device with the same airflow and wattage. 

  1. Choosing the right vape tank

Choosing the right vape tank to maximize cloud production will require you to select one that uses mesh coils. Mesh coils are flat metal strips with many holes punched in. It means there’s maximum coil surface area, meaning more e-liquid comes into contact with the coil’s surface area. 

Therefore, it’ll lead to more vapor production because of the heating of the e-liquid at once. A coil with lower resistance heats faster, which leads to an increase in vapor production. 

  1. Having the best e-liquid for clouds
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The choice of your e-liquid will determine the quantity of vapor you produce. 

  • More PG means more throat hit
  • More VG means more vapor

Whether you use a sub-ohm tank or a CE5, the PG to VG ratio will significantly differ from the quantity of vapor produced. 

It’s vital to know that if you go past 50% VG, your e-liquid can be pretty thick. This thickness can create problems for sub-ohm tanks.

It would be best to choose an e-liquid with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio or a higher VG. E-liquids with higher PG aren’t an excellent choice for the production of bigger clouds and can be pretty harsh to the throat.

  1. Maximizing the coil’s surface area

If you want a giant vapor cloud, let the wick make as much contact with the coil as possible. It implies that those with large surfaces are superior to those with small ones.

Furthermore, the vast internal diameter and intricately woven coil are excellent indicators of a big difference. It is possible to increase the surface area by using two coils instead of just one.

  1. Investing in a sub-ohm tank

You can get bigger clouds when you invest in a sub-ohm tank. Low resistance coils in sub-ohm tanks produce a more direct hit on the lungs than conventional tanks. For cloud chasers, these tanks are essential.

In the past few years, sub-ohm tanks have become increasingly popular, and today there is a large variety on the market. Sub-ohm vaporizers are the best for those learning how to create big clouds.


Several factors determine the size of the vapor clouds, and cloud chasers could greatly benefit from these tips.

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Experimentation is crucial to making bigger clouds. If you aren’t getting the clouds you want, don’t give up. Some different combinations and products will work for other people. When you keep chasing these clouds, you’ll eventually find your perfect way.


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