Apartment Building Inspections: Beyond The Body Corporate

Purchasing a property is most likely one of the biggest investments that you will ever make, which is why it’s essential to conduct plenty of research before purchase. Taking these steps is a way to protect yourself and your investment. You’re being mindful of undertaking the correct actions before making a purchase.

Make the mistake of buying an incorrectly built property, or one where the building process has been rushed, and it can have a significant and negative impact on your investment.

Of course, The Body Corporate does its own inspections to ensure the building is kept correctly and maintained. However, it’s recommended that an independent building inspector performs an apartment building inspection before purchase. Unlike the body corporate, the building inspector is a building professional, unbiased, and has specialist equipment to see defects that cannot be seen outside. A building and pest inspection will determine if there are any problems with the property, particularly ones that you and the body corporate can’t see. You can also visit how to escape prison in bitlife.

Building Inspections: Beyond The Body Corporate

Several common issues arise when buying apartments, particularly for new-build apartments built off the plan. Having an independent check is crucial for making sure that any problems are discovered before the sale.

Choice.com.au, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, notes several issues to look out for when considering an apartment purchase. The top ten defects include:

  • Internal water leaks
  • Cracking to internal and external structures
  • Water penetration from outside
  • Guttering faults
  • Defective roof coverings
  • Defective plumbing
  • Tiling issues
  • Building movement
  • Noise breakthrough
  • Defective balcony balustrades.
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Choice reiterates that these defects are not maintenance or repair issues; they stem from subpar construction, materials and design. Why are these defects becoming a more common issue? It’s for various reasons, including developers that run out of money and cut corners, inexperienced developers and certifiers who fail to check things.

The thing is, not all of these defects are easy to spot, and you cannot trust a certificate from a certifier who works closely with the developer. Independent is the key word here. An independent building inspector with no ties except to provide an unbiased inspection and the facts. An independent inspector will find defects that can end up causing issues years down the track – think a leaking shower hob from the apartment above thanks to dodgy waterproofing, a fatal accident thanks to defective balustrading, or a brand new apartment that you cannot enjoy for the ghastly cracks throughout the walls. You also might be questioning your safety when defects continue to pop up. Defects cost a substantial amount in repairs, and there’s the inconvenience of being displaced. The property’s value is likely to plummet, and worst of all, there could be death or critical injury.

Everyone wants to save money and speed up the buying process, but relying on body corporate checks or developer documents alone means you risk health and safety. You risk spending more money and time sorting out defects in years to come because that’s when the faults start to appear. Going beyond the body corporate and developers is about future-proofing yourself, making a tiny investment in your future. 

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