BGMI 1.7 November 19 Update Everything You Need To Know About


BGMI 1.7 (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is an exclusively online multiplayer battle royal game released for Indian users who want to play PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS devices.

The game was released in 2021 after the government of India banned PUBG Mobile in 2020 due to the conflict that it had with China, along with some safety concerns about how Chinese apps were collecting personal data of its users.

Good news for gamers! BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) will be getting another update of BGMI 1.7 on November 19, 2021. 

The November 19 update will highlight the latest collaboration with LoL (League of Legends) and a new Mirror World Mode gameplay. The creators of BGMI have also announced that users are also going to experience enhancements in the gameplay.

The BGMI 1.7 update is expected to drop on November 19, 2021, the same day PUBG Mobile will be getting an update. Krafton, creators of the game, also noted in the announcement that the 1.7 updates would make changes to the armoury of the game.

Why Is It Called BGMI?

The game was released as an exclusive game for Indian users after the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Government of India banned 117 applications following a major crackdown against the apps that were being made in China.

The game was officially removed from platforms on September 2020 and after nearly 1 year of being gone in the Indian market, in May this year an official report was released saying that PUBG Mobile was being rebranded as Battlegrounds Mobile India to enter in the Indian gaming market again while meeting all the needs that were set by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Government of India.

Krafton later confirmed in a press conference that they were going to launch Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) as a replacement to PUBG Mobile.

BGMI Updates

To improve user experience, the developers of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) are constantly releasing ios bgmi updates and Android updates to remove bugs, add new features, and make multiple improvements in the game.

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The Latest BGMI 1.7 (Battlegrounds Mobile India) 1.7.0 Update

In an announcement made in Nov 2021, the developers of BGMI released a video about the 1.7 update patch on their social media channels. The size of the new update is around 700MB for android users and 1gb for ios users.

How To Download The Latest Update?

You don’t have to do anything special to download the latest update that is available, as you only have to open the game on your phone, and the update will automatically start downloading on the loading screen.

Important Note: We suggest you connect your device with Wi-Fi when downloading updates because some updates can be anywhere from 300MB to over 1gb.

Complete List Of BGMI 1.7 Update Patch Features

  • Mirror World Mode

Players of BGMI will see content related to LoL (League of Legends) in the Mirror World mode in the upcoming 1.7 update. According to the developers of the game, castles, which will be suspended in the air, and characters of League of Legends will be playable in the update. Another highlight in the Mirror World Mode will be the ability to fight your enemies and Arcane Monsters with special powers. 

  • Updates In Armory 
  1. SLR (Designated Marksman Rifles) – Faster bullet recovery and faster bullet speed.
  2. SKS – Faster recovery time and faster bullet speed.
  3. Mini14 – Damage for bullets fired at long-distance has been reduced.
  4. Rebalanced Marksman Rifles – Long-distance damage has been reduced, bullet speed has been increased, and faster reloading time.
  5. VSS – Increased damage.
  6. DP-28 – Slower bullet speed, long-range damage decreased, and headshot damage decreased.
  7. 7.6mm Bullet Weight Reduction – The weight for 7.6mm bullets has been reduced to increase the carrying capacity of gamers. 

New Features In 1.7 BGMI November Update

  1. Gamers playing in the Erangel map will be enjoying a new feature where they will be transported to the Mirror Island, where they will be converted into an avatar of their choice to defeat the Arcane Monsters. After defeating the monsters, they will be returning to the main battle royale map.
  2. BGMI players will be able to collect Hextech Crystals and strewn around Erangel. They can use the crystals to buy items or guns from the Trade Terminal.
  3. Arcane Monsters will be randomly appearing around Erangel.
  4. Players can check the location of the Arcane monsters on the map.
  5. The 1.7 BGMI update will also showcase the Piggyback feature. In this feature, players can give a piggyback ride to their knocked-out friend to help them get to safety before they are revived.
  6. Players giving their teammate a piggyback ride will not be able to use a weapon or ride a vehicle.

About 1.6.5 BGMI Update

In the new update in bgmi, the developers announced that there are going to be 3 new main features, which are:

  •         Payload 2.0
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In the most awaited bgmi upcoming update of the year, the 1.6.5 update allows users of the game to play the game with some futuristic weapons in Payload 2.0.  

In the new update, players of BGMI can now kill their enemies by using helicopters. Bomb suits and portable radars are some of the main highlights that were showcased in the video that was released by the makers of BGMI for Payload 2.0.

  •         Runic power

The new Runic Power feature is considered by many as one of the most awaited features in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) because it allows players to choose from three abilities such as Flame, Wind and Ice.

What is offered by the new abilities?

  •         Wind provides 2 powers, which are Wind Shelter and Wind Boost.
  •         Flame provides 2 powers, which are Magma wheel and Scorching Ammo power.
  •         Ice provides 2 powers, which are Freezing ammo power and Ice wall.

In order to use the abilities, players are required to collect runic crystals.

  •         Infection Mode

The Infection Mode is an update where players can fight with zombies.

In the new update, players are required to defend themselves against zombies. In case they fail to defend themselves against the zombies, they are going to turn into the same creature.

The infection mode in BGMI was released at the time of Halloween this year.

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