Boxed Packaged Goods: Types of Boxes And Their Uses

boxed packaged goods

Looking for the right type of box for your boxed packaged goods? You came to the right place! Below, we are going to list down the type of boxes that you can go with for packed goods and what their uses are. 

What are boxed packaged goods?

Before we start, allow us to explain what boxed packaged goods are.

All products that are packed inside boxes are called boxed packaged goods. When they are sent out for shipping, all the boxes are properly protected. This is also the main reason why a lot of companies, organizations, and retailers prefer to use boxed packaged goods.

Most of the time, products such as high-value items, electronics, goods, games, and many more are inside the boxed packaged goods. They basically make things safer and more secure during shipping.. 

What Products Are Placed Inside Boxed Packaged Goods? 

This one depends on the retailer, but most of the time, things such as clothing and other high-valued products are inside them.

Here are some of the types of products that are to be found inside boxed packaged goods

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Other types of products can also be used in bagged packaged goods

Types of Boxes And Their Uses

  • Aseptic Box 

This type of box is used commonly to store liquid food. Aseptic boxes are sterile cartons that have more layers when it comes to common containers. Most of the time, they are used to store  juices, soups, baby foods, and even desserts. 

Not only that, but Aseptic boxes have a lot more to offer. These types of boxes are capable of extending the shelf life of the products, can help preserve the color of the food product and its texture, and also its nutritional value too. 

  • Gable Top Cartons 

Gable top cartons are multi-layer cartons that are used to store food that will go inside refrigerators. These types of cartons are used to store food products such as milk, juice, and many more. 

  • Egg Cartons 

Egg packs are cartons that are used to safely transport different types of eggs. So when choosing to transport eggs, which are extremely fragile, make sure you go with the right bagged packaged goods

The thing is, egg cartons are mostly made out of cardboard, which are really ideal for them because they offer a lot of benefits when it comes to the moving industry and for transporting heavy goods. 

  • Plastic Box

Plastic boxes are usually made out of PVC, PET, PP, or PS. They come in different forms, which includes folding boxes, cover boxes, handbags and hangers. Most of the time, the plastic boxes can be used to store almost anything because they are light, moisture proof, are tough, strong, and can keep a product safe. 

  • Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are containers that are made out of corrugated cardboards, which have hollow structure. These types of boxes are mostly used to hold consumer goods such as processed foods, cotton fabrics, glass products, medical drugs, bicycles, furniture, household appliances, computer equipment, high-tech gadgets, and many more. 

  • Wooden Box

Wooden boxes are often used in high-value goods such as health care products, expensive gadgets, customized products, cigars, red wines, and even jewelry. Most of the time, wooden boxes are covered in customized engravings . Not only that, but they are also attached with paper, sponge, and floam linings so the internal goods can be protected during transportation. 

  • Paper Box Packaging 

Paper packaging is a great type of box packaging container if you are going to transport dry and light food products. They are also echo friendly and can be fitted inside small places in a very decent way. 

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Note: Paper box packaging is also a good option if you are trying to go with an eco-friendly packaging solution.

  • Rigid Box 

A rigid box is a sturdy-paper based box that consists of the thickness of a chipboard and is usually wrapped by decorative paper. They are commonly used when it comes to handing out gifts or when retailers send out a pretty high-valued item to a customer. 

Rigid boxes are usually a good premium packaging option for board games, expensive gadgets, display products, cosmetics, jewelry, and high-end luxury couture. 

Why Is It Important To Go With The Right Type Of Box? 

Retailers have to make sure that they are going with the right box because the safety and integrity of the product depends on it. Not only that, but going with the right type of box will also show how much you pay attention to detail and how important customer satisfaction is for them. 

You have to keep in mind that going with the right type of box not only makes things easier for you when sending packages out for shipping, but they will also play a huge role in keeping what’s inside the box safe throughout the journey.

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