Brass Coffee Table | Tips to Choose For Your Living Room

Brass Coffee Table | Tips to Choose For Your Living Room


Coffee tables have come a long way since they were an extra piece of furniture. Now, they are a must-have for any home. At first, it was only used as a place to serve drinks and beverages to guests and relatives. And it still does the same purpose. However, the brass coffee tables are more than just a place to serve your drink. These days, you can place your magazines or books for light reading, have multiple storage options, and can tie together all the different pieces of furniture in a room.

As the coffee table is the focal point in your living room,  it is important to choose the right one. There are so many different colors, materials, sizes, shapes, and styles of coffee tables on the market that it can be hard to choose one.

Here are some ideas and guidelines for choosing the right brass coffee table for your living room! 

How to Choose Brass Coffee Table

The coffee table and sofa should be about the same size. As a general rule, the one you choose should be at least half the length of your sofa and no longer than the sofa itself. Three-quarters or two-thirds of the way down is a good length.

The height of the coffee table should be about the same as the height of your sofa seat; or a few inches smaller.

1. Choose The Right Shape:

When planning your living room, you should think about the best shape for the space. The best way to figure out the shape of the brass coffee table for your living room is to look at your sofa. In the same way, smaller sofas with square seats can work with either a square or a round coffee table.

  • Round: Since they don’t have any sharp corners or edges, oval or round tables are good to have around kids. A piece of oval or round furniture adds a soft touch to a room with a square couch and a rectangle rug. They also break up the monotony of a setup made up of square and rectangular lines.
  • Rectangle: Rectangular coffee tables are good for places with a lot of seats. When you have a rectangular sofa or an L-shaped couch, you need rectangular tables so that even people sitting at the far ends can reach things on the table, like food.
  • Square: It’s amazing how different shapes can change the mood and feel of a room. A square center table is a great choice for square-shaped rooms. Since the table has clear edges, you can use poufs, ottomans, or designer armchairs to get comfortable around it. The best thing about a square table? You get the most amount of style for your space.
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2. Determine The Right Style:

You should consider whether you want a formal, casual, modern, or vintage style when buying a coffee table. Choose a sleek metal table with a glass top if you want a modern look. If you like a more casual country look, a brass coffee table would be great. For a romantic feel, choose a round wood table with turned legs. There are a lot of styles to choose from, so just go by how the room is decorated.

3. Functionality:

The main use is another important thing to consider. Will the table just look nice, or will it hold things? Tables can have drawers or shelves to hold things like brass decor or your stack of magazines or books. Choose a piece that can easily hold drinks and plates of food. If the main goal is decoration, look for one with lines and textures in a material you like.

These are simple tips which help you in finding the best brass coffee tables for your living room.

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