Understanding the Basic Characteristics of Golf Course Maintenance Mowers

Understanding the Basic Characteristics of Golf Course Maintenance Mowers

There is a significant difference between the lawn of your home and a golf course turf. At home, there is a small area comprising trees, flowers, hedge & lawn, still, you need to pay regular attention to their growth. Even in some cases, it becomes important to seek help from professional gardeners. Now think about the golf course that spread across hundreds of meters and its major portion is covered with turf grass. This is the main reason why golf is an expensive game and require perfection more than other sports. Precision in the angels & weight of golf clubs and height of the grass in the ground. For maintaining the overall appearance of a golf course, you need professional-grade servicing equipment. A normal walk-behind mower lying in your backyard is not capable enough to trim the entire turf instantly. Powerful machinery for the trimming of different areas is important that you will understand in the below article.

Most Important Mowers Types That You Need in a Golf Course

  • Rotary Mowers

The rotary mower aka rough mower is one of the most powerful as well as essential equipment for golf courses. As you know that large area requires a powerful machine that can cover the entire area in a minimum period of time. The rotary mower is capable of working exactly as per your expectations. These equipment need a petrol or diesel engine to propel multiple independent decks. The number of decks varies according to the size of mower that can be 3 or even 5 too. These decks have high-speed rotating blades that works very fast. The horizontal cutting mechanism is the secret behind its speed and perfection.

Every trimming unit of rotary mower is controllable individually that you can use in multiple dimensions in a single time. These are also called rough mowers because of their compatibility in all terrains. Rather than front trimming, their decks are movable independently in the surroundings to cover more area. In this way, this golf course maintenance equipment saves a lot of time when you are dealing with the entire golf course.  Not only the front Some electric versions are also available in the market but they have a single deck and suitable for homes only.

  • Reel Mowers
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Reel mowers are the traditional equipment for lawn mowing that you can see at homes or in the backyards. As the name is illustrating, it comes with horizontally rotating reels which looks like bars. In the large machines. These reels can exceed up to 3 units. Every reel has a set of a specific number of blades that can be 7,11 or 27 depending on the precision quality & power of the vehicle. The reel mowers were first introduced to operate manually but many companies manage to equip the blades in automatic machines.

Talking about the mechanism, the blades are fixed in a cylindrical shape that revolves to cut the grass with perfection. More blades mean more precision in golf course maintenance equipment but exceeding depth beyond a limit will kill the grass. Both self-propelled or manual walking mowers are available with reels. Apart from large turf areas, sometimes, you feel the need to maintain a small corner with precise details. For this purpose, manual equipment are the better options.

Choosing the best one

When it comes to the most advanced model, rotary mowers wins because of their high speed. Also in the large area with the independence of trimming surroundings, nothing is better than this one. On the other hand, the rotary mowers are ideal for household purpose. They have a much simpler mechanism and also very affordable as compared to rough/rotary mowers. Nowadays, many reliable agencies are also offering used turf equipment for sale at very affordable price.

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