Cosmetics Can Cost A Life: Keep Your Beauty Wishlist on Hold Till You See This


Over time, cancer has proven to be one of those forces that humans can’t compete with effectively. And while success rates for patients are better today thanks to advanced treatments, defeating cancer is still a challenge.

We often do things unknowingly that invite this nightmare of a disease. And while you avoid smoking, alcohol, and stuff, what if something unsuspecting, like cosmetics and makeup, causes cancer?

Before searching for a list of cancer-causing cosmetics and getting rid of any around you, read this.

Can Using Cosmetics Cause Cancer?

The answer to this may seem straightforward, but it’s not. Every cosmetic product available (from a decent brand) is subject to certain regulations. If it doesn’t conform to those, it won’t be around for long.

However, the laws have limitations. And most testing focuses on skin infections, allergies, and other minor issues rather than something as deadly as cancer.

For a product to cause cancer, it must have carcinogens or cancer-causing agents in it. Cosmetic companies use numerous chemicals in their products, some of which are known carcinogens. These act as preservatives, add fragrance, or have other desirable properties.

However, whether an individual gets cancer from using such a product depends on a few things.

To begin with, how much of the dosage is dangerous, and how much are they exposed to? Also, which products do they use, and how frequently?

Studies show that certain chemicals, which are known as EDCs (endocrine-disrupting chemicals), are frequently used in cosmetics. These are linked with different kinds of cancers and are not to be trifled with.

But what about the many other chemicals for which there is no conclusive evidence? Sadly, there isn’t much one can do other than be aware of what they allow on their skin.

Common Cosmetics And Can They Cause Cancer?

Hair Straightener and Smoothening Products

A study published on October 17, 2022, in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute changed how one views hair products. It mentions that women using straightening products more than 4 times within the previous year have double the risk of uterine cancer.

This is in comparison to those who do not use such products. Black women, being the more dominant users, are at even greater risk. There is not enough evidence to draw a definitive conclusion yet, so firms like TorHoerman Law, LLC are actively investigating the link between uterine cancer and hair straighteners. If you support the initiation of a lawsuit for the same, TorHoerman Law needs individuals like you.

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Bath and Body Care Products

Products like shower gels, body lotions, etc., that consumers use regularly might not be safe. These have been tested with ingredients such as oxybenzone, 1-4 Dioxane, lead, and styrene that are carcinogenic.

Oxybenzone, an EDC found commonly in sunscreen lotions, is particularly notorious for causing hormonal disbalances. Other than potentially causing cancer, it may also lead to obesity and other issues in men and women.

Talcum Powder

Talc is a mineral obtained through mining that has properties like keeping skin dry, preventing rashes, and so on. No wonder it has extensive uses in manufacturing powder for both babies and adults.

However, talc containing asbestos is highly carcinogenic and hence extremely dangerous. Mixed results from studies show that it may cause ovarian cancer, lung cancer, and some other forms.

Products containing talc have faced numerous lawsuits from the public, resulting in a global stoppage of their manufacturing.


Deodorants are among the most commonly used products, so the news of them causing cancer is going to make heads turn. Some researchers believe that deodorants and antiperspirants containing aluminum, a common ingredient in such products, can cause breast cancer.

However, various studies conclude that there is no such risk. So feel free to use your favorite deodorant for now.

Makeup (Containing Paraben)

Parabens are present in a wide variety of beauty products and are among the chemicals that one must avoid. When talking about makeup carcinogens, parabens demand attention because they are harmful.

Parabens are used as preservatives but adversely affect the endocrine gland. This means issues with growth, hormones, reproduction, and in more serious cases, skin and breast cancer.

For Now, Only Awareness Can Keep You Safe

Cosmetics and cancer go back a long way. After hundreds of studies, numerous pieces of research, and several product callbacks, it is clear that one has to be aware of what one exposes themselves to.

Using the right cosmetics may not have the same effect as regulating your lifestyle and diet. But it is likely to become a vital cancer prevention tip in the near future.

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