Different Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Different Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend


Celebrating the birthday of a best friend renders so much happiness and joys to one’s soul that it can be compared to experiencing heaven itself. And how can we forget the birthday bombs? The pleasure of kicking your friend on his/her bums equal to his/her age is just so divine and soul-soothing. The joy continues by asking him/her for a treat throughout the day and teasing him/her for turning one more year older. The food, music, dance, and a tight hug call it for the day and then wait for another year to pass. But we all know what is missing here. It’s a gift that your friend is expecting from you. So, we have gathered some good birthday gift ideas which you can pick to make your friend smile wide on his/her birthday after a day full of celebration. 

Explosion Box

Explosion boxes are amongst the gift items which have proved to be perfect for touching hearts. There is a lot that you can do with an explosion box. You can add your friend’s pictures in the box and adding his/her funny and weird pictures can make it a fun gift. You can also put candies and chocolates in the box. You can make one yourself or can order it from an online gifting portal. Check out online swag pack for more different design ideas.

Peek-A-Boo Hamper

Another gift item that you can rest upon to make your friend smile on his/her birthday is a peek-a-boo hamper. There is no definite definition of such hampers you can include whatever item you want in the peek-a-boo boxes. If you want to surprise your female friend then you can add items such as beauty products and chocolates and if you want to surprise your male friend then items such as a wallet, cufflinks, tie, and wristwatch are good. If you want some pre-arranged peek-a-boo hampers then you can try exploring online gift portals.

Personalised Face Mask

We know you care for your best friend and so our next gift item is based on your concern. COVID-19 is still not over and so wearing face masks in public is a thing we all should follow. You can surprise your friend by gifting him/her a personalised face mask. You can get the mask personalised with your friend’s picture or name or the first letter of the name. You can make it a combo by adding an alcohol-based hand-sanitizer in the gift box along with the face mask.

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Creative Birthday Cake

A birthday celebration can never ever be termed as completed if there is no cake-cutting ceremony. And as per the standards, the responsibility of getting a birthday cake falls upon the well-wishers of the birthday person. If it is your best friend’s birthday then you must surprise him/her with a creative birthday cake. To make it memorable; get an extraordinary multi-tier cake topped with your friend’s caricature. Order cake online in Pune or wherever your friends reside to get the cake delivered at his/her doorstep. 

Superhero Bobble Phone Stand

We spend most of our time on mobile screens for different purposes. From watching movies, web series to attending meetings on zoom or Google meet, mobile phones have become a part of our life. But our hands can feel tired by holding the phone for so long. You can bring ease to your friend’s life by gifting him/her a set of superhero bobble phone stands. One can stock his/her phone both vertically and horizontally on bobble phone stands.

A Home Decor Item

You might be thinking about how home decor items can be claimed and considered as a gift to surprise a friend on their birthday? Well, you are right! But if you pick items like a dart game, personalised wall frame, LED name banner, and indoor plants potted in personalised vases, you can answer your question yourself. These types of gifts will be appreciated by your friend and his/her parents too. 

Pay For OTT Subscription

OTT platforms have given a whole new dimension to entertainment and the way we consume it. Television and theatre are combined in most of the OTT platforms. Whether your friend already downloaded an OTT platform or not, you can pay for a monthly subscription for him/her on a birthday to bring a wide smile on his/her face.

Happy Gifting!

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