5 Digital Nomad Myths (and the reality!)

5 Digital Nomad Myths (and the reality!)

Although digital nomadism isn’t something new in the business world, most people aren’t still quite familiar with the concept. Traveling while earning money or vice versa does sometimes sound too good to be true. All the more so, when people Google the term and find breathtaking pictures of what digital nomadism looks like. No wonder there are so many myths regarding this particular lifestyle.

Here are the most common ones and the reality behind them to resolve any doubts you may have regarding this concept.

1. Digital Nomads Aren’t Financially Independent

Digital nomads spend the largest part of the year jumping from one luxurious destination to another. When people see their pictures on social media, the first thing that pops into their minds is that they must be crazy rich to afford such an expensive lifestyle. Since most digital nomads are younger people, they have no other choice but to think their parents must be financing all their travels. That is far from it. Everyone who thinks digital nomads aren’t financially independent is wrong. Digital nomads are people who work and travel at the same time. That is how they can afford this exciting lifestyle. Thanks to the intranet people from all around the world can work and make a living regardless of their location.

2. Digital Nomads Are on a Vacation All Year Long

This myth is closely related to the previous one. Namely, people think all digital nomads do is vacationing all around the globe. They rarely do any work, so their life is almost like a fairytale. However, most digital nomads would have to disagree with this belief. The reality is ever since they embarked on this adventure, most of them have been working longer hours and harder than ever before. Their adventure revolves around their freelancing. Yes, they do travel, visit landmarks, and explore, but their top priority is their work. Since they have flexible working hours and no one to boss them around, some of them simply can’t switch off work. Besides, exploring and changing locations so often is tiring, and the vacation is all about relaxation and unwinding.

3. Digital Nomads Have Taken a Gap Year

Young adults normally take a gap year after high school and before they enroll in a university or start looking for a job. Taking a year off helps them enjoy life and travel carefree while they spend their parents’ hard-earned money and think about which direction should their career go. Digital nomads pursue their career, make a decent living, and travel at the same time. They don’t put a pause on their life and go out and about while trying to find themselves. While some put their work first, and the traveling part often suffers, most digital nomads somehow manage to do and enjoy both. All in all, they like being able to visit another place whenever they want instead of having a strict vacation policy.

4. Digital Nomads’ Office is the Beach 

While digital nomads can work from anywhere in the world, they prefer doing all their work at the beach, from a hammock, under the palm trees. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Well, there is some truth in this statement. Digital nomads can work from their beach office, but most of them avoid doing so. Why? Because they want to focus on completing all assignments and meeting deadlines. The beach is great for relaxing, drinking cocktails, basking in the sun, or taking a dip in the sea, but not for attending meetings and working on a laptop. That is why most nomads take their business elsewhere. In particular, to the hotel room, a quiet corner in the coffee shop, or even to co-working spaces, if there are any nearby. When they finish their work for the day, they then go to the beach and make the most out of their spare time.

5. Digital Nomads Have It Easy

For most people, digital nomads have no worries at all. They live carefreely and have it easy. What do they have to worry about when they have money and can travel whenever, however, and whenever they want? The truth is they aren’t that different from you or anyone else. They are just regular and ordinary people. They have their ups and downs and worry about things. For example, they may not have to work from 9 to 5, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to work at all. They still have to pay taxes, keep their finances in order, invest in top-notch technological tools, and manage their business. More importantly, at some point, they are bound to feel overwhelmed, tired, and even alienated because of their lifestyle. Despite so many duties and responsibilities, digital nomads are somehow making this concept work.

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