Don't Let Misaligned Teeth Ruin Your Smile and Daily Life!

Don’t Let Misaligned Teeth Ruin Your Smile and Daily Life!


Misaligned teeth can happen for various reasons, including genetics, injury, or even wear and tear over time. Many people believe this is just an aesthetic issue, and others don’t bother about it until they start facing real troubles. A misaligned tooth can cause different problems, including pain, difficulty eating, a misaligned jaw, gum disease, and tooth loss. If you have this type of dental condition, it will be better to meet a dentist to determine the best course of treatment. Thanks to evolving technologies and innovations, dentistry has advanced to a great height. Have you heard about Invisalign treatment? A relatively new but trustworthy dental method can solve your problem.

A quick view ofInvisalign

The orthodontic treatment uses a couple of clear, removable aligners to help straighten your teeth gradually. It’s nothing like traditional braces that look odd and feel incredibly uncomfortable. Sometimes, the metal varieties even leave behind visible marks on the dental surfaces. On the other hand, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible because of their clear plastic-like appearance.Most people won’t even know you’re wearing them. Since you can take these dental trays off, you can eat and drink whatever you want during treatment. This treatment method can be a discreet way to get straight teeth for teens to adults. 

The treatment is smoother than traditional braces, and you no longer have to worry about those unsightly metal wires or brackets. If you are considering this latest treatment, consult an expert who can examine your teeth and guide you on this properly. But before moving ahead, you may want to know a little about its pricing. Many believe this dental procedure is expensive, which is not entirely wrong. The upfront cost may be high. However, it will not pinch you much when you compare its long-lasting effect and comfort with others. Where do you live? Is it Woodbury, Long Island? For a more relevant understanding, let’s explore the cost of Invisalign in Woodbury, Long Island.

Invisalign treatment cost

When getting a treatment, it’s always better to ask about its cost to avoid surprises. Generally, this type of dental method costs about USD$ 3500-8000 on average. Some patients find this out of reach and opt for an affordable option like Invisalign Express 5, which can happen for about USD$1,500. You must know that this cheaper alternative takes care of minor corrections or malocclusions. It can move teeth only a bit. Hence, you can notice an improvement in your teeth’ alignment, but it might not be entirely satisfactory. 

If you wish your treatment to offer the best results, going for the proper Invisalign procedure can be ideal. Don’t worry about the cost because several factors influence it. Some people may require this treatment for just about a year for the desired outcome, while other patients’ treatment can take longer, affecting the price. Then, it also depends on how much more orthodontic intervention one needs after completing the treatment. And if the price is still a thing, you can check with your insurance company for some relief. Many insurance carriers partially cover this treatment for up to USD$1,500. It might not be easy if you wonder whether securing more coverage is possible. Yet, you can try at different places to check. 

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One more thing you can do is talk to your dentist about a suitable payment plan. Some clinics can have provisions for credit card payments. Although you will have to pay the total price of the treatment eventually, the burden of clearing the entire amount in one go will get alleviated. The payment will spread over months, reducing your monthly bills. When you opt for credit cards for dental treatments, make sure you pay the required amount on time.

Care and maintenance ofInvisalign aligners

As mentioned earlier, the Invisalign system contains a set of clear plastic aligners custom-made to fit your teeth. You can keep your aligners aside during meal time to enjoy your food and drink. But don’t forget to put them on as soon as you finish them. You can brush and floss like usual to preserve good oral hygiene. However, keeping your aligners regularly clean is essential to prevent bacteria formation. The process is simple. You can rinse them with warm water and mild soap. Do you have a denture cleaner or an Invisalign cleaning kit? You can use that too. Brushing your teeth and flossing before putting your aligners back in is a must. If you maintain your aligners well, your treatment will be more efficient and effective. 

Benefits of usingInvisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces that arehighlyuncomfortable. These don’t require special care – routine brushing and flossing are all you do. You can remove them for special occasions, so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way. Because these are invisible stuff, no one will ever know if you are wearing them. One has to take an excellent look to realize this. If you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully, your misalignment issue can improve, giving you a beautiful and healthy smile. After aligners, you may have to wear something for some time to prolong the effect of the treatment. Anyway, you can talk to your dentist to know the in and out of this system.

No dental challenge is small enough to get passed off as unimportant. Healthy teeth are the sign of a healthy you. Hence, don’t be afraid to visit your dentist if you have crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or something else. A dentist is just like other doctors who treat your condition for its betterment. So, if you avoided dental visits because of any mental block, try to overcome it for your dental wellbeing. Minor issues don’t take much time to fix. However, the more you delay fixing them, your troubles can increase. It will also impact your budget. If you don’t want to increase your treatment expenses unnecessarily, meet your dentists at regular gaps to avoid any significant correction and resulting inconvenience later.

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