Favorite Ways of Using Subway Tiles!

Favorite Ways of Using Subway Tiles!


New York City once saw the use of subway tiles as a stylish piece of their history back in the year 1904. These 3 by 6-inch rectangular tiles were popular elements of the New York subway stations. Quickly this design made its way into mainstream real estate – from bathrooms or kitchens across the world. How one can use this sleek and clean design in today’s real estate scene is a question that we will be answering today. 

The use of subway tiles will not go away anytime soon. This trend continues to hold relevance no matter where and when. It is one of the classic designs that won’t look dated even in a few years’ time. It is timeless and perfect for use as a backsplash or even as a centrepiece. 

Here are a few favorite ways of using subway tiles in the coming year: 

  • Herringbone Design 

The herringbone design or pattern is arranging rectangles at a 45 degree rotated angle rather than a straight one. It is named after the resemblance of the bone of the fish – herring, hence the name – herringbone design. This is a non-traditional way of using the classic subway tiles and adding a tinge of interest, making it a modern design element that uplifts the entire look and feel of any space. 

  • Highlighting the Grout 

Another classic look that looks pretty amazing is the use of the grout work between subway tiles to create interesting patterns that take away the entire classic feel and give the subway tiles a post-modern feel. With the plethora of color, texture, finish, and patterns available for grout work today, one could essentially make grout the centrepiece of the entire background. Especially using classic white subway tiles with colorful grout such as dark blue or green could add so much interest to a boring piece of work. 

  • Try Black on Black 

Modern streamline looks of black on black uses black subway tiles with black grout work. It is a new iteration of the dark grey and colorful grout workpiece. Not only does it look sexy, but this pattern combination can be used as an accent wall. 

  • Dark on Light 

We’re hearing how timeless and sexy using the dark on dark technique looks; however, the classic dark on light is eye-catching, and you will never get sick of this style. It is a bold move to continue using white subway tiles combined with dark grout. You will love walking into your fav room and staying there enjoying the striking beauty of a dark grout on any light-toned subway tiles. 

  • Ombre Your Way

Dark and light subway tiles look amazing but have you considered creating an ombre effect with your subway tiles? This look is ethereal and angelic at the same time. It packs a punch and makes any space look lit up for works. You could essentially use this pattern in the kitchen, bathroom, or even the shower area. In fact, they are great options when it comes to using in kids’ rooms as well. 

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Trying these trendy and modern ways of using bathroom subway tiles will ultimately make your home look all set up. Let us know if you have tried any of these designs. 



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