Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa Bio, Age, Husband, Career, and More


Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa Bio, Age, Husband, Career, and More

Elena Moussa took birth on the 4th of May in 1982 in Russia. This talented individual pursues multiple careers. She is a designer, model, and journalist. She is the wife of Greg Gutfeld, who is known for his show ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show. 

Greg is a known television personality and earlier was the Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld host

Elena Moussa early life and education

Elena had found right from her young years that she loves fashion. Her interest led her to work for a career in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is very creatively demanding as a well rewarding business. She managed to get into the industry and make a good career. 

There is almost no information about her family background. Her family moved from Russia to London, and she later moved to the United States. 

She completed her matriculation and then joined The New York Fashion Institute of Technology. After obtaining her degree, she moved back to Russia to pursue a career in modeling. She has a lean and tall frame along with a beautiful face and succeeded in the field. She also worked with Maxim Russia as a photo editor, which helped her to understand the requirements of the field in detail. During this time, she also used to work with Maxim UK, and it is where she met her now-husband Greg Gutfeld. Greg used to work as the editor for Maxim UK from 2004 to 2006.

Elena Moussa husband

Greg Gutfeld has made his name as a television host. He also is a producer, political commentator and author. He currently hosts his late-night show ‘Gutfeld!’. He also hosts the political talk show titled ‘The Five’ along with four other co-hosts. 

He developed an interest in politics from his early years. By the time he grew up, he was a politically aware individual with strong opinions. He enrolled at the University of California. He is a libertarian. During his college years, he did an internship with ‘The American Spectator.’ He worked as an editor for various magazines over the years like Men’s Health, Stuff, and Prevention. He started working with Maxim UK in 2004, where he met Elena Moussa. But his contract with Maxim was terminated in 2006 because he could manage to maintain the readership during his tenure. 

When ‘Huffington Post’ was launched in 2005, he became one of the first contributors. Many of his posts are available on the website to this date. He also has a personal blog named ‘The Daily Gut.’ 

In 2007 he aired his own show, ‘Red Eye with Greg’, which continued for eight years before going off-air. He also became the co-host of ‘The Five’ during this time. Later in 2015, he came up with another show called ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show.

Elena Moussa relationship and marriage

In an interview, Greg admitted to falling for Elena as soon as he saw her. He asked about her to the editor of Maxim Russia and later asked her for a date to which she agreed. She then shifted to London to be with him. They were so sure about their relationship that they dated for only about five months before marrying. The lovebirds married in a civil ceremony in 2004 in New York. The two have not decided to be parents yet. They have been married for about 18 years now and still maintain a great relationship. 

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Elena loves spending time with her friends and family and is quite social. She regularly shares pictures of them together on her social media handle. Elena and Greg travel a lot together, be it beaches, international holidays, or art exhibitions. 

Elena Moussa social media and current endeavors 

Elena Mousse no longer pursues her career in journalism and modeling, but her love for fashion designing has not faded in the years. She continues to work actively and even launched the ‘Moussa Project’ in 2011. Her knowledge and experience gained over the years in Fashion institutes and working in the industry have helped her find her unique sense of fashion. Her company has its own social media pages where they put up and promote their work. It has attracted numerous people and is liked by them as well. Their work is marketed with hired models on the pages.  

While she is not very active on Twitter or Facebook, she regularly updates her work and personal life on Instagram.

Elena Moussa controversies

Although she shares pictures on Instagram, there is not much information about the happenings in social media. Her husband has been into some controversies, but it is because of his work and political opinions, and Elena has nothing to do with it. She has been married to Greg for a long time now and focuses on her professional endeavors, so there are no rumors about her either.

Greg, however, due to his vocal political opinions, is in the news many times. Recently after the US presidential Elections, he maintained that voter fraud might have occurred. Even in 2009 March, he faced outrage for his comments on Canadian Soldiers when 4 of them were reported to be dead. He even was called out for his reckless comments by the defense minister of Canada. He later apologized for the same.

Elena Moussa height and weight

Elena has been a model in the past, which makes it clear that she has a great body. She still maintains an amazing body. Her body measurements are 33 by 24 by 35. She has dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a rectangular face. Having Russian roots, she is a gorgeous lady and her career as a designer; she has a great sense of style. 

Elena Moussa net worth

Elena herself pursues various careers, and her marriage with Greg Gutfeld further increased her wealth. Elena’s wealth is estimated to be about 2 million USD. Greg Gutfeld has an estimated net worth of about 5 million USD, according to some sources. Both Elena and Greg continue to work in their respective careers, and their wealth is expected to rise. 


Where was Elena Moussa born?

Elena Moussa took birth in Russia.

Elena Moussa got married?

Elena Moussa was wed to Greg Gutfeld in the year 2004 after a long-term relationship.

What is the nationality of Elena Moussa?

Russian in the nationality of Elenna Moussa.

Source: washingtonindependent

Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa Bio, Age, Husband, Career, and More

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