How to Deal With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident


Following an accident that is purely a result of someone else’s recklessness, you can follow the legal route and file a compensation claim for the loss or damages you’ve incurred. Hiring a car accident lawyer is essential in this case because they understand everything needed to help you secure fast compensation. 

Atlanta law firm, Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, can handle your case and ensure you get a fair hearing. There are several ways to deal with insurance companies to ensure you get fast compensation after an accident. We will explain this to you. 

How to respond to the insurance company’s offer to receive compensation and complete the procedure

It is not uncommon for the victim or their relatives to be contacted immediately after the accident by the insurance company with an offer to receive some compensation and complete/close the procedure immediately. At first glance, this proposal seems tempting and even humane. But, firstly, do not rush to flatter yourself, and secondly, do not doubt that the amount of compensation you will be offered in this case will be significantly lower than that you are entitled to by law.

The fact is that insurance companies are very reluctant to part with money and use many tricks to save their capital.

That’s why do not, under any circumstances, accept such compromise offers from an insurance company without professional legal advice.

A lawyer specializing in car accidents will assess the amount of legal compensation due realistically. This amount (compensation) always turns out to be significantly higher than what the insurance company usually offers in such cases.

Be careful – insurance investigators!

In continuation of the topic of interaction with insurance companies, one more important circumstance should be taken into account:

Often, insurance companies hire investigators to work effectively, whose task is to obtain information from the claimant that would allow the amount of compensation for that person to be reduced. To do this, there are various psychological techniques and tactics.


Remember: insurance investigators work for the insurance company and serve its interests. Be careful with them!

A lawyer who specializes in this field is well aware of many of the techniques of insurance investigators. He will help you not fall into the “traps” that will be skillfully set for you. If you entrust a lawyer to represent you in all instances (in an insurance company, in court, etc.), then the insurance investigator will not be able to contact you directly. He will not have such a right. He will only communicate with your lawyer.

Choosing the right moment to file a claim with the Insurance Company

It turns out that the date of filing a claim also affects the amount of future compensation:

If you file a claim early, it may turn out that not all the damage resulting from an accident has manifested itself and formed. There may be long-term consequences that have not yet appeared when the claim is filed. Accordingly, the amount of compensation will not be taken into account (these consequences have not manifested yet). It will be lower.

Filing a claim with the insurance company too late also carries certain risks:

  • firstly, you cannot miss the statute of limitations (you need to know it in advance), and
  • Secondly, even if the statute of limitations has not expired, the insurance company may claim that the delay in filing your claim is suspicious, something is “dirty” in this case, and will look for reasons to reduce compensation …

Therefore, consult an attorney with experience in this area who will help you determine the best date to file a claim.

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