How to deal with Staph Infection in Babies

How to deal with Staph Infection in Babies


Staph infection is more likely in newborn babies. We all know how sensitive a newborn baby’s skin is. But, it may also attack babies of any age. The sensitive skin of a newborn is vulnerable to bacterial infections. But, we can’t take it easy, because some conditions may be  Today, we’ll learn about this infection and find that what are the causes, symptoms, and cure of this disease and how we can fight this infection. 

Staph Infection in Babies

Before discussing this infection in babies, first, let’s find out what is this infection means. Steph or Staphylococcus is the name of a group of bacteria that is responsible for the infections. This infection attacks different kinds of human body parts. If this attacks on the nose or the skin of a person, it may be less harmful than the case where it attacks the wounds and can cause serious infections there. 

Typically, adults are less likely in danger of this infection, but the delicate skin of an infant can be more sensitive to this bacteria because there is always a risk of the condition on the soft skin.

Symptoms of Staph Infection in babies:

Now the question arises: What are the symptoms that can indicate that the baby is infected with staph. We’ll the symptoms of this disease are pretty visible and easy to notice. One of the symptoms is hypothermia or hyperthermia. These are the conditions in which the infant’s body temperature may be more or less than average body temperature.  In addition to this, the infant may feel vomiting if not cared for well. The change in the heartbeat is also a symptom. The baby may have a fast or slow heartbeat according to the type of Staph or the baby’s age.

The skin lesion is a common symptom in this case. Hence, if someone notices these symbols in the child’s body, should surely see a doctor.

How does Staph enter the body?

We’ll this is an important question. In babies or adults, this bacteria enters through the contaminated objects. In babies, this bacteria can be anywhere, on the body of staff if they are not adopting the hygiene rules, on the tools that other are carrying such as spoons, knive, seats, or other such materials. So, for a neonatal, there must be the excellent care of hygiene.

Staph in the diaper area:

The diaper area is more likely to all types of infections. It is becuase of the sensitive skin of the infant in more sensitive in these areas and these areas does not find the proper inhalation due to sanitary diapers. 

There are some major issues which are involved in this infection. One of the major cuase of this infection is Diareha. If your baby is facing diarehha then the diaper may be wet for long time and these becteria can be in contact with the sensitive skin of your infant. Another reason for the diaper Stph is using uncleaned diapers for a long time. If you are doing this then your baby’s skin is in contact with a large numbers of becterias such as staph. So, it is obvious to have the staph at diaper area. If you are giving the anti-biotic medicine for some reason then your baby be more likely to the Staph. Similarly, if you are breastfeeding your body and then you must take care with your diet. Having the anti-biotic by mother amy also infect her child.

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As a result of these condition, staph can cuase a large numbers if infections to your baby skin and so you should take care about it. 

If you notice the swelling around the diaper area of your baby, visible yellow scabs, redness on this area, painful lumps of red color, increasing body temperature, etc then you must take more care about your baby.

Picture of baby with Staph infection:

To make it more clear, let us see how does this infection looks like. Here is the picture of a baby that has Staph infection on his face.

Treatment of Staph in Babies:

For those who are searching the cure for the babies under five years must take these actions before going to a doctor for this infection:

Soak the infected area where you have seen the infection in a warm water for some time.This will kills the becteria on the infected area. You can also compress that area with the warm and clean towel or a cloth. This step is for those whose babies are having the infection other than face. Obviously, this step is not suitable for the face. But you can clean the face with a warm and clean wipe. 

In addition to this, if your doctor has given you any oinment then you must appy it on your child’s skin. This may be an anti-biotic oinment and have the killing power of Staph. 

If you want to give some medicine for this disease then you can give you a pain killer or something like that after consulting some doctor. 

These steps are not suitable for infant but you can try it on the babies under 5. 

Are you still worried about your child’s skin? It is obvious because the infant are very sensitive to the infections. Moreover, thse types of infections may lead to other discomforts or other diseases. So, you must consult with a live doctor. If right now, you are not able to see a doctor, or you want a specialist in this regard that can help you easily without any worries you should go for They are having the best doctors of Pakistan that will pay a full attention to your problems. Their child specialist are the experts adn they have best solutions to your problems. So let’s check the child specialists. 

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