How To Overcome Male Menopause Symptoms

How To Overcome Male Menopause Symptoms


Menopausal changes in mind and body are generally said to occur in women around 10 years before and after menopause due to decreased female hormones. However, menopause is not unique to women. Some men also suffer from mental and physical changes due to menopause.

What is male menopause?

Menopause men, LOH syndrome: which is also referred to as the aging male hypogonadism syndrome), middle-aged men refers to the physical and mental disorders caused by the decrease in the body’s testosterone. It has a great impact on both physical and mental health and may interfere with daily life. If you feel such a symptom, don’t leave it alone and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Menopause is said to occur most often in their 50s and 60s. However, there are individual differences in onset, 30 from the second half of teens 70 to generation, is there likely to be in menopause at any time.

Even if women develop menopause, the symptoms often alleviate if the hormone balance settles down over a period of time, but for men, once menopause develops, the symptoms may be prolonged. Also, be aware that it is difficult to notice that you are suffering from menopause, and the condition of menopause may be thought to be the person’s personality.

What are the symptoms of male menopause?

Symptoms of menopause vary from person to person, but they affect both the body and mind from mild people with temporary frustration and burning to severe people with depressive symptoms and insomnia that persist forever.

Reduction of body hair

・ Joint and muscle pain

・ Memory deterioration

・ General fatigue

・ Depressive symptoms

Symptoms of menopause are more pronounced in mental changes than in physical changes. Symptoms such as frustration and lethargy are so similar to depression that they may be diagnosed as such.

For example, loss of interest or motivation for something can be a symptom of depression in menopause. 

So what is the difference between “depressive symptoms” due to menopause and “depression” due to mental illness?

As a physical change, the depressive symptom of menopause tends to get fat, but in the case of depression, there are many patterns of losing weight.

What causes men to have menopause?

It is said that symptoms are likely to occur when the amount of “testosterone” which is a type of male hormone, decreases sharply due to aging and stress.


Testosterone has the following roles:

・ Form masculine body shapes such as bones and muscles

・ Insist on yourself in society

・ Improve cognitive ability

・ Maintain physical function

The amount of testosterone is said to decrease sharply due to stress. When the sympathetic nerve becomes dominant due to psychological stress, the stimulation of testosterone secretion in the brain decreases.

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When testosterone drops, physical changes appear.

For example, bone density and hemoglobin decrease. On the other hand, you gain weight and lose muscle mass. It’s a so-called metabolic syndrome symptom.

Testosterone also has a role in maintaining male function. As testosterone production decreases, libido decreases. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 treat for erectile dysfunction (ED). Decreased male function is one of the most affected symptoms of male menopause.

Treatment method for male menopause

Treatments for men’s menopause include testosterone replacement therapy and Chinese herbs.

Testosterone replacement therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy involves injecting testosterone. When testosterone is given, it may limit the ability to make sperm. Also, be aware that if you have prostate cancer or liver disease, you will not be able to receive testosterone replacement therapy.

Since there are individual differences in the treatment period, it cannot be said unconditionally, but some people need a short treatment period of about 6 months, while others need a long treatment period.

Menopause can cause severe physical and psychological problems, so mental care is also required. Under the diagnosis and instructions of your doctor, select the appropriate treatment method according to your symptoms, such as injection, internal medicine, application, and mental care.

Change your lifestyle to prevent menopause.

I have explained the causes and treatment methods for menopause in men.

People are in the reserve army can prevent menopause by changing their lifestyles. Please try the following actions in your daily life.

Sufficient and good sleep

Improving sleep quality stimulates testosterone secretion. A good night’s sleep can prevent menopause.

Not to mention lack of sleep, poor quality sleep such as light sleep leads to a decrease in testosterone, so review your sleep quality as well. Be aware that taking too much alcohol or operating your smart phone before going to bed can reduce the quality of your sleep.

Appropriate diet

When carbohydrate intake decreases due to diet etc., testosterone secretion decreases. Protein-containing meats and fish, onions, garlic, avocados, and shellfish increase testosterone secretion.

Moderate exercise

Moderate exercise is also effective in increasing testosterone. Exercise improves your metabolism and helps relieve stress.

Of course, those who move more can do high-intensity exercises such as running and jogging, and strength training is also very effective in increasing testosterone. Aurogra 100 and Vidalista 60 to improve for ed.

It is said that testosterone is secreted by competing with friends and colleagues through sports and games. It is also effective to prevent menopause by creating opportunities for evaluation, such as applying for exhibitions and competitions for your work and getting compliments from others.

You want to live a healthy and enjoyable life as you grow older. Prevent the decrease in testosterone, which causes menopause, by improving your lifestyle.

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