How to Spend a Perfect Day in Adelaide?


While Adelaide may not be as famous as Sydney and Melbourne, it is still a city worth visiting to have fun. It is South Australia’s capital and boasts many attractions, beautiful and awesome people to meet, there are great wines and fabulous cuisines to taste, among other things. Therefore, 24 hours may not be enough to do justice to all that the city has to offer, but if it is all you have, you need to make the best of what Adelaide has to offer in your whirlwind visit.

Have an early breakfast

To start your day, you should take an early breakfast, so you are well energized for the day’s activities. It’s also a chance to enjoy some of the finger-licking delicacies that Adelaide has to offer. After you land at the airport and head to the city, you can check into one of the food joints. For example, you can try Karma and Crow on Richmond Road, famous for being one of Adelaide’s top cafés, especially for its innovative breakfast.

Some of the foods you can try include the roast pumpkin accompanied by chilli kale and other local unique dishes. They are all perfectly made to tantalize your taste buds as they offer you a balanced diet and energy for your day ahead. It’s a great idea to have a cup of coffee from the best local roaster to stimulate and prepare you more for the activity-packed day ahead. Here are some of the choices you could include in your day’s itinerary.

Take a hike to Mount Lofty for great city views

After breakfast, you can decide to go for one of the heart-pumping hikes you’ll ever take. The hike to Mount Lofty from the Waterfall Gully is not only a great workout but also one that offers picturesque views of the city. The return trail stretches 3.9 kilometres on the eastern fringe of the city. The starting point is at the car park at the tail of the Waterfall Gully Road, which is around a 20-minute- drive from the city.

When you reach the top of Mount Lofty after the remarkable ascent, you get a chance to see Adelaide differently, as you catch incredible views of the city and St. Vincent Gulf in all its sparkle. If you are lucky and the day is clear, you will be able to see Kangaroo Island.

Go swimming with dolphins

One of the best activities in Adelaide is swimming with dolphins, and you should try it for lifetime memories. You need to visit Glenelg Beach and go with Temptation Sailing to go out and experience swimming with the dolphins.

The daily cruises for the famous Swim with Dolphin depart from Holdfast Shore Marina, Glenelg, at around 7.40 am and get back at about 11.15 am. You need not worry about how you can get to Glenelg because once in the city, you hop onboard the Glenelg-bound tram.

On the mission to see and swim with dolphins, the swimmers have to wear facemasks, wetsuits, and snorkel and keep their grip onto a floatation line during their time in the water. The dolphins get so close to you that you will want to reach out to them but touching them sadly is not allowed.

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Take a tour of the shops

Before you go out for the night, you can decide to explore the city’s shops. There is so much to check out, and you can start at the famous Rundle Mall. You have to walk because the shopping strip is a pedestrian-only area with many boutiques, department stores, renowned global chain stores, and shopping complexes. You can buy just about anything here such as jewellery, crafts, and others as you go around exploring the retail side of Adelaide. This way, you get to browse some amazing products and get your hands on some souvenirs.

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Take lunch in one of the best eateries or take a food tour

Adelaide is not short of great eateries where you can have delicious meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So, after you tour the shopping areas, you could visit the Adelaide Central Market, one of the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest undercover markets. The market houses over 70 stalls. Here, you can find the freshest produce, such as delicious fruits and veggies, cheese, local seafood, meat, coffee, nuts, artisanal bread, and confectionery.

Another option to help you sample Adelaide’s outstanding cuisine is to take a walking food tour. Because a day is such a short time to experience the best of dishes the city has to offer, go for the walking food tours, and the Feast on Food guys will help you experience and enjoy as many flavours and smells of foods as possible within a short time frame. They will take you through Adelaide’s CBD, so you indulge in several delicacies from the various famous kitchens of the city. You also catch incredible sights as you sample foods.

Try a wine tasting experience

You will greatly miss out if you visit Adelaide and do not get a chance to sample the city’s best wine. The story of Australian wine is incomplete without mentioning Penfolds, the legendary wine-maker known for grape wrangling to produce the best wine.

Luckily, the iconic Penfolds vineyards are only a 15-minute drive from the town, and they close doors for visitors at 6 pm. You can take a cab or drive there and enjoy sipping and savouring some of the finest wines. You can buy a few bottles to carry away with you. If your schedule allows, especially in the early morning, you could join a 45-minute trip to the Magill Estate Heritage Tour to see what goes into making and storing wines.

Go for dinner and an evening of merry-making.

After a day of touring places and having fun, you must be tired and hungry, so go for your dinner. You can try several places depending on your preference. If you want to have a taste of ‘bush meats’ such as spiral sausages that South Africa is well known for, peri-peri chicken, and wood-roasted hearts, you can visit Africola, situated in Adelaide’s East End. On the other hand, if you like Thai food with a contemporary twist, Golden Boy — still in the East End of Adelaide, is the place to try.

Given that Adelaide has plenty of watering holes, you can choose where to enjoy your drink as you wind up your day. You can check out 2KW Bar and Restaurant, a perfect venue on the eighth floor where you can see beautiful scenes like Parliament House, River Torrens, and Adelaide Oval. You can also try other drinking joints and have fun.


While a day may not be enough to allow you to have a great experience of what Adelaide has to offer, you can have a lot of fun and create lasting memories if you try the above suggestions. You could also consider other activities and attractions, and you will have as much fun too.

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