Jelly Sandals

Jelly Sandals for Women – Advanced Guide


Jelly Sandals are made of nontoxic PVC and are sustainable 100% recyclable (Prop 65 Compliant). Popular during the 1970s and 80s and more fashion forward than ever before. People who wore them could walk on any surface without slipping because they had a wonderful pattern on the bottom to increase gripping power.

Some Jelly Sandals (not CarmenSol Brand Jelly Sandals) are made of plastic and are cheap to manufacture and could be disposed of after a single use, meaning it didn’t matter if they fell apart from overuse. In the beginning, they came in only one color: clear. Later, different colors and prints were introduced. This was when the jelly shoes started to get a reputation for being worn by people who couldn’t afford genuine leather sandals.

Jelly Sandals for Women – What are the options?

Designed in New York City and made in Italy, all accessories are made of pure jelly material rose scented. The collection includes shoes, handbags and accessories in 15 vivid colors with eco-friendly packaging.

Since the jelly material is very flexible and thin, it can easily fit into any footwear collection or wardrobe.

Jelly Sandals for Women are also known with other names, such as Jelly Sandals, Jellies Shoes, Transparent Shoes, Jelly Flats, Beach Shoes, Jelly Thongs, Aqua Shoes, etc.

Jelly Sandals for Women?

Our newest jelly shoes for women are made in a combination of vibrant colors and features: Made in Italy, Slide Style, Studded jelly shoe band, molded footbed,

Material: High-Quality Italian Jelly

Sustainable (100% recyclable & prop65 compliant)

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Includes: Eco-friendly dust bag and box Made in Italy

Nontoxic PVC (Prop 65 compliant)

Slides tend to run small, size up!

For European sizes: 5 US corresponds to 36, 6/37, 7/38, 8/39, 9/40, 10/41, 11/42

Are Jelly Sandals for Children?

At this time Jelly Sandals are not designed specifically for children sizes but if your “tween” has a shoe size that works with our smallest sizes then it might work. Jelly sandals are also very lightweight and come in many bright colors that children love.

They were introduced initially about 30 years ago but came back into style with the popularity of Rainbow sandals. These are clear shoes on the bottom, making it possible to see through them. They have many different styles and colors of flip flops for adults, but they come in kid sizes.


Jelly sandals for women are very economical and affordable, making them the perfect choice for women looking for beach footwear.

They are made of High-Quality Italian Jelly (100% recyclable PVC) and easily cleanable; jelly sandals are best cleaned with mild soap and water, making it easier to keep them sanitary.

Women especially love the color selection, style and sustainable material – take a look at the jelly sandals?

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