Leather Jackets For Women

Leather Jackets For Women | Things To Consider Before Buying


Leather is a natural fibre that is used to make things like furniture, jackets, and accessories.  When it comes to leather jackets for women, the market has gotten into the habit of selling fake leather as real leather, making it hard to tell which is artificial or genuine. Here are some things you should look for before you buy.

1. Check The Price Tag: 

The price is the biggest difference between real and fake. A real leather jacket costs twice as much as a jacket made of fake leather. If you can find it for a low price, it will definitely be made of fake leather. And there are many ways to tell if something is real or fake right there on the spot.

2. Feel And Touch: 

Real leather of good quality always feels a little bit warm and smooth. If it feels too plasticky and smooth, it’s probably fake. If you want to compare women’s leather jackets in Australia, go to only reputable clothing stores. They have a lot of both real and fake clothes, so it’s easy to compare them.

3. Check The Pattern of Leather’s Texture:

Fake leather is made with chemicals and then put through a machine, which gives it an uneven texture pattern. On the other hand, real leather has a unique texture pattern that varies from one piece to the next. Since leather comes from animals, a real leather jacket would look worn and full of grains. Always make sure the pattern is right before you start. It makes you look badass.

4. Smell The Leather: 

The smell is a good way to tell if something is leather. Real leather smells like animals and plants, while fake leather smells like plastic or chemicals. Most people like real leather jackets for women because they smell good and make them want to wear them all the time.

5. Test for water absorption:

Real leather has pores that allow it to absorb water in a unique way. Where there is water, you will see dark spots until the water evaporates. Just put one or two drops of water on the leather’s surface. If the water soaks in, the leather is real. If drops of water stay on the surface, it is definitely not real leather.

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6. Check The Edges:

If you have ever used something made of real leather, you’ll know it when you see it. They are always rough and have rough edges, just like real leather, but the edges of faux or fake leather look perfect and smooth.

7. Fire Test: 

This test is sensitive, so only try it if you already have the item at home. Grab the edge of the leather jacket and use the fire to try to close it. If it smells like burning plastic, it’s not real leather. If it doesn’t smell like burning plastic, it’s a real leather jacket.

It is suggested that you have to take a different test to identify a real leather jacket instead of this one. It’s just for people who know a lot, so it’s not good for most people.

8. Bend Comparison: 

When you bend real leather, you can see how the colour and pores vary. A real leather jacket doesn’t stretch more than fake leather. It is easier to wrinkle and uniform.

9. Check The weight: 

The leather’s jacket weight is another easy way to tell what it is. Synthetic leather is lighter than real leather, like cowhide and lambskin.

Ending Thoughts

These are the easy and simple ways to tell if leather jackets for women are real or fake. In short, real leather lasts a long and costs a lot. A real leather jacket keeps you comfortable and warm to wear, but a fake leather jacket only looks good and costs less.


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