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What types of boxes are used in Noida for moving and storage?

The lead-up to relocation is a hectic and busy time. There are a greater number of essential things to perform and huge decisions you should make. But selecting the right boxes don’t have to be one of the difficult ones. Go through some relocation choices of boxes. We’ll offer the details regarding sizes and packing supplies to aid you to determine what you’ll require.

Standard size boxes

Relocation boxes are must-have products when preparing a move all over the country. They are designed to keep your household items secured during the relocation task. The right box size relies on the dimensions, weight and the shape of the products you’re packing. Here are a few standard size boxes for moving purposes:

  • Small: Small-sized box measures 16” x 10” x 10” and ideal for packing items such as CDs and DVDs, small appliances and books.
  • Medium: Medium-sized box measures 18” x 14” x 12” and are good for things such as DVDs, decorative items and towels.
  • Large: Big sized boxes measure 20” x 20” x 15” and they hold bigger products such as bedding, kitchen appliances, smaller pillows and drapes.
  • Extra-large: Extra-large sized box measures 23” x 23” x 16” and they hold those big, lighter products such as pillows, sports equipment and comforters.

Other boxing types

Though all things in your house could fit into a standard relocation box, some need a more special fit. Professional moving service providers in Noida deliver a variety of moving box types to meet every requirement, and they involve:

  • Wardrobe boxes: These are developed for hanging clothes. Shoes, purses and belts could fit under. They have the clothing that would suit into two feet of closet area.
  • Kitchen boxes: These arrive with partitions that could be customised to keep glasses and dishes. Cover the products in packing paper or bubble wrap and utilise the kitchen box inserts to have added protection.
  • Picture boxes: These are created to pack mirrors and artwork. They arrive in medium or big sizes and are assembled in 2 parts so that you could customise them to suit any size wall-hanging virtually.
  • TV boxes: These are developed for heavy-duty storage to defend flat-screen televisions. They are made of many parts so that you can produce the proper size to suit your TV and they accommodate TV sizes from 32” to 70”.
  • Lamp boxes: They’re produced to protect uniquely and tall shaped products like lamps during the transit. These boxes could accommodate lamps up to 48 inches in height.
  • File or office boxes: They protect your essential documents secured during transit and these boxes are double-walled to manage heavy files and are simple to assemble.
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Shifting kit choices

When you don’t need to hassle with finding out what all you require, allow expert movers to select your boxes. We’ve developed relocation kits for a variety of homes from studio apartments to 6-bedroom houses that could suit your requirements. Here are the following kinds of shifting kits moving companies in Noida offer.

  • Economy kits: They involve a variety of packing tape, markers and box sizes.
  • Basic kits: They involve various types of basic packing materials like packing tape, boxes and Bubble Wraps.
  • Enhanced kits: They include boxes in different size varieties, packing tape, dispenser, bubble wrap, smart move tape, markers, and packing paper.
  • Wardrobe kits: They involve a variety of boxes including, packing tape, dispenser, Bubble Wrap, wardrobe boxes, packing paper and markers.

Therefore, hire expert Movers Packers Noida for good quality boxes, packing materials and for storage facilities for a smooth and safe relocation.

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