10 Myths Stopping You From Outsourcing Dental Verification

10 Myths Stopping You From Outsourcing Dental Verification


There is no way out.

You are handling a dental clinic with a limited number of staff.The dental staff is wrestling with insurance claims, guiding complex paperwork, prolonged processing times, and frequent denials.

The most important thing is getting ignored, which is your patients.

Your patients’ care is getting compromised.

You and your staff are confused about how to look up dental insurance without avoiding patients’ care.

Most dental clinics are looking for the solution: Patients’ care + administrative loads get managed easily= Stress-Free Dental Practice.

The solution is to outsource dental verification.

But what is stopping you from doing it?


As we are in the 21st century. Still, we are influenced by some of the myths around the outsourcing verification process.

First, let’s know what myths are taking away from you.

What These Myths Are Costing You?

Imagine your dental clinic needs more time to look at your patients. As you and your staff are busy handling insurance claims and denials. Your staff is getting stressed and burned out with the increased workload. 

The solution is there but you are not choosing the solution. Solution that can bring your workload down nearly to zero, and you can focus more on patients’ care.

Let’s dive into the common myths stopping you from having your desired future.

Myth 1: Loss of Control 

The most common myth is you tend to lose control. It is not so because when you outsource, you get to focus on specific tasks. The outsourcing verification expert manages the other tasks.

Myth 2:Costly

There are two ways to look into the investment made in outsourcing. First, you compare the prices at present. The second is to look at the long-term benefit of it, not just in terms of money but also in overall areas.

Overall areas like your staff are happier, patients’ care is not compromised, administrative workload is managed efficiently, and many more.

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Myth 3: Data Security Concerns

Working with a reputable partner prioritizes data security. They secure your data by implementing strong measures.

And most importantly, beware of choosing the wrong outsourcing partner. 

Myth 4: Universal Fit

It is believed that outsourcing works on a one-size-fits-all strategy. Contrary to belief, there are various outsourcing partners which give tailored advice.

Now, you can work with the right partner that gives you personalized service.

Myth 5:Scope is Limited.

Some might also believe that the scope of outsourcing is limited to essential tasks. On the contrary, it is flexible based on the practice’s requirements.

Myth 6:Inflexibility

This myth is similar to the above myth. If you work with a reputable outsourcing arrangement, they adapt to the practice’s needs without compromising efficiency.

Myth 7:Time Consuming 

It must be hard to believe that outsourcing consumes lots of time. These solutions save time.

Myth 8:Quality is Compromised.

Outsourcing doesn’t equate to compromising quality. Working with reputable partners ensures that quality is assured.

Myth 9:Language Barriers

There is a common belief that outsourcing leads to language differences while communicating. While this is not the case, many outsourcing partners ensure this by having multilingual team members.

Myth 10:No Cost Transparency

Another myth is that outsourcing arrangements lack cost transparency. In contrast, reputable partners are transparent about pricing structure.


Now, there is a way out. From having a stress-free dental practice with an administrative load managed efficiently. By outsourcing, you can have your desired dental practice where your staff works happily, providing the utmost patient care.

With outsourcing, you don’t have to find the answer to the question –  how do I verify dental insurance?

However, the only obvious solution becomes invisible due to some myths about outsourcing. By clearing the myths about outsourcing, you can focus on patients’ care.

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