New film Very good Night time Oppy puts highlight on the ‘lovable’ Option Mars rover

New film Very good Night time Oppy puts highlight on the ‘lovable’ Option Mars rover


The Recent18:57The ‘lovable’ Opportunity Mars rover

When Bekah Sosland Siegfriedt was in Grade 8, she witnessed one thing that sparked her adore for place exploration: the start of the Mars Exploration Rover mission.

“When I noticed Spirit and Possibility, these robot explorers on Mars … browsing especially for h2o, I considered, properly, it’s possible this is anything I can do,” she informed The Current’s Matt Galloway.

Siegfriedt had by now been fascinated by the vivid stars and galaxies in the sky higher than her hometown of Fredericksburg, Texas, and the 1997 film Speak to

But she explained it was “genuinely great” viewing these robots with human-like functions, from eyes to an arm, discovering the Purple World.

“I feel which is what [struck] me initially, was looking at how we remodeled these robots into individuals so we can do what men and women won’t be able to do now,” she reported.

Enjoy: Opportunity’s launch in 2003

Now the flight director at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Siegfriedt has long gone from seeing rovers to creating, testing and even launching NASA’s hottest Mars rover, Perseverance.

Siegfriedt is featured in Ryan White’s new documentary, Good Evening Oppy, now screening at the Toronto International Film Pageant.

The film focuses on Prospect, the Mars rover originally created to past 90 days on the planet but ended up staying for 15 a long time — and the scientists and engineers captivated by it.

“It was a sequence of all of these folks that I was ready to say, ‘No, we are not going to operate with you, you small documentary filmmaker,’ — [they] held indicating indeed,” White informed Galloway.

“I imagine it can be a testament to this story and how, I imagine, heartwarming and uplifting it is.”

The Chance rover throughout the exploration of Meridiani Planum on Mars, exactly where jarosite was initially found on the earth. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/ASU)

A sensation like childbirth

White mentioned he was “hooked” the moment Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Amusement manufacturing company pitched the film idea, but was involved about finding men and women who could connect the story with emotion.

“The robotic cannot talk,” he mentioned. “Now we have to go to NASA and uncover experts and engineers who I thought, in my preconceived notions, would be very unemotional, detached folks.”

“But time and time again, we ended up stunned when we interviewed these men and women, how considerably they wore their heart on their sleeve.”

Siegfriedt claimed there is a large amount of function that goes into constructing rovers — and about “a thousand, million factors have to go suitable” for a effective landing.

“So we’re all counting on just about every other. All of the items have to match with each other perfectly. We have to talk a good deal,” she stated.

“You see the emotion in the film from all the individuals when we land — and it really is the most remarkable accomplishment that I have ever felt, when we’ve landed a little something.” 

Users of the Perseverance rover workforce at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory respond in mission command immediately after obtaining confirmation the spacecraft productively touched down on Mars on Feb. 18, 2021. (Invoice Ingalls/NASA by using Getty Visuals)

Siegfriedt, a mother of two, compares the approach of creating and landing a rover to offering a infant.

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“You just are like concentrated on acquiring this little one out of your entire body safely and securely — and when that happens and the child is introduced up to you, you have this moment of like, ‘It’s about,'” she mentioned. “‘We did this, I did this, my system did this’ — and it really is incredibly related to landing a spacecraft on Mars.”

Option catches its very own silhouette in this late-afternoon picture taken by the rover’s rear hazard avoidance camera. (NASA/JPL-Caltech)

That psychological attachment is mirrored by other engineers and researchers in the film, according to White.

“When Spirit dies, [rover driver Ashley Stroupe] kind of tears up in her interview,” he explained.

“She states, ‘I know this is heading to sound mad simply because it appears like I’m conversing about a individual, and she was not a human being.'”

To the people today included in the mission, he states, the rovers have been not just robots. “It is a creature that you slide in enjoy with, a non-human creature that you say goodbye to at the conclude of the movie.”

And to a diploma, he argues, it truly is by layout.

“[NASA] have purposely established lovable creatures that absolutely everyone — the taxpayers that are shelling out for this — can slide in like with and go together for the journey,” he mentioned.


Earth’s last contact with Possibility was in mid-June 2018. A dust storm on Mars’s area deprived its solar-driven batteries, forcing it to enter into hibernation and eliminate get in touch with with Earth.

Siegfriedt mentioned it was 1 of the most “intense” Mars dust storms recorded by NASA.

Some hoped Option would be revive soon after its hibernation, irrespective of its age and “mechanical troubles and program issues,” Siegfriedt described.

But it in no way did. On Feb. 13, 2019, NASA officers declared the Chance mission entire.

Today, Siegfriedt and her colleagues are working on the next era of rovers — like Perseverance, which introduced on July 30, 2020, and correctly landed on Mars 7 months later.

When Perseverance sent its 1st selfie on landing, Siegfriedt could truly feel the feelings running through her again.

“That second … viewing the rover and viewing her eyes and viewing her arm and seeing all the areas of her, is a perception of awe and surprise simply because it will take you again and reminds you we are there to search for daily life on other planets,” she reported.

“For me individually, that staying my dream as a younger girl and being reminded of that generally at perform, it really is unbelievable.”

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