Perfume Bottle Design: Why It Matters As Much As The Scent

Perfume Bottle Design: Why It Matters As Much As The Scent


In the perfume industry, people often forget to ask this question – Why do some of the perfumes have unique bottle designs? 

Have you ever heard of the saying – “First Impression Lasts”?

Well, the impression is the one factor that enhances the shopping experience of perfumes. However, the bottle design is more than its impression – it’s a creative canvas that expresses and reflects the brand’s identity.  

Besides the scent, the design, the color and even the way it spritzes the scent play a crucial role in adding to the appeal of women’s perfume shops

If you are someone who has ever grabbed a bottle of perfume because of the design of the bottle, we are here to let you know why it is completely normal. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Why Is The Bottle Design Of The Perfumes Important?

The beautiful and fascinating designs of the bottles have always been vital for enhancing the sales of perfumes. 

The appearance of the bottle mostly triggers people into impulsively buying the perfume, even when they don’t intend to.
Why Is The Bottle Design Of The Perfumes Important?
Beautiful packaging and fascinating bottles have always been essential to encourage sales. The external appearance of perfumes can easily trigger impulsive buying even when consumers don’t intend to make a purchase.

The Design Of The Bottle Tells A Story!

Perfume bottle designs are available in every shape, color, and size you can imagine. 

Some have intricate glasswork, some take a more classic and bold approach, and there are some with the most minimalist appearance. 

With the design of the bottle, the perfumers are taking the opportunity to tell the story of their scent even before the customers get a single whiff of it. The design tells a lot about who the perfumer is, what their brand stands for and what sort of scent the bottle has for you. 

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The Design Of The Bottle Tells A Story!
Now take the above image for instance, –
It is a bottle of women’s coach perfume that says it’s vintage, royal and luxe. 

It speaks to its buyers without any word – The shape of the bottle says it all!

Sets Your Perception Towards The Perfume!

You might not be aware of the fact, but bottle design adds to the way you perceive the scent it carries. It is primarily why the brands, especially the luxe brands, put in extra effort to develop the bottle’s look. 

With just a quick glimpse of the bottle of perfume online in the USA, you will instantly know the type of scent it may be. 

Research has shown that people associate certain shapes and colors with specific moods and feelings. For instance, 

The Colors – 

  • Red and Yellow Color – Perceived as bright, fruity and floral. 
  • Blue Color – Brings about the coldness or neatness of the ice. 
  • Earthy Tones (Green And Brown) – Gives you an idea of warm and woody aromas. 

The Shapes – 

  • Cubes (Hard Shapes) – Indicates boldness and strength. 
  • Spherical or Flowing Bottles – Suggests softness and a mystical feeling. 

Grab What You Like: The Final Takeaway 

It may be natural to sometimes feel guilt for the impulsive purchase of a perfume because of its bottle design, but you shouldn’t feel like that at all!

We truly understand you – who doesn’t like pretty things?
 It wouldn’t be as exciting to have your favourite perfume in an ordinary vessel as much as it would be if it was in a piece of artistic excellence. 

It, in short, suggests how art and design, when combined with perfumes can go a long way!

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