Is It Possible For You To Post Bail On Your Own?

Is It Possible For You To Post Bail On Your Own?

Sometimes due to unforeseen situations, you may have to bail yourself or your dear ones out of the bars. Knowing what to do will not solve your entire problem. You may think about how you can forgo spending the upcoming days or months that may lead you to the due court date. Applying for bail will be the only option that you may have. It would help if you were grateful to the judicial system, which allows you to acquire independence through bail. You can get bail even if you don’t have sufficient money for the bail. An important question is whether you can post bonds on your own. A handy guide is provided to you if you are exploring the answer.

  • How can you apply for the bail bond process?

When you or your loved ones get arrested, the process involves going through the posting of bonds to appear in the judiciary room. You can either post bond yourself or hire a bondsman to undertake this job; however, the steps are identical. Are you wondering, can you bail yourself out of jail?

Suppose police arrest you for a crime, and you get assessed as a defendant.

You must stay in custody until the court appearance, also known as an arraignment. The defendant is present before the judge. The designated judge demands some cash for the bond if you want the freedom of your loved ones.

After setting the bond amount, the defendant or his family members must pay the sum of the bond at once. If the defendant fails to pay the bond amount due to the lack of cash, they can hire a bail bond agent. The bail bondsman will help you to pay only a tiny percentage of the bond amount.

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After paying the bond, the defendant gets released. But the defendant must appear on the assigned court dates. If the defendant refuses to do so, they will lose the wealth, collateral, and independence. 

  • Is it possible to get bail on your own?

The answer is yes and also no. You can get bail if you are financially stable and can pay the entire bail when your loved ones get arrested. You need to understand that cash is mandatory for bail, which means you must be able to pay the whole sum to get freedom. Since the amount of bail varies as it depends on the crime committed, there are chances that you may not possess the total sum in cash in hand. The likelihood of posting bonds yourself is very rare. In such situations, help is readily available for obtaining freedom through reputed agencies. 

  • When can you employ a bail bond agent?

A better option is to hire a bail bond agent to get bail. It will also help you alleviate the stress of giving a large bond amount and getting freedom for your loved ones. Without a bondsman, you or your dear ones will have to spend days behind bars until the court date. 

You must provide some of the information to the bonds person. 

You will have to pay only a tiny percentage of the bond amount to the bondsman to get the defendant released.

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