Compiled Steps And Benefits For Company Formation In Qatar


The economy of Qatar is mostly driven by the natural gas and fossil fuel industry. However, in recent years, Qatar’s economic scene has become more varied. Qatar has now an open market strategy in order to attract more foreign investors and maintain its position as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. To this end, the country welcomes FDI from abroad to boost its economic development.

By taking advantage of Qatar’s company formation benefits, such as customs duty exemptions one can thrive in the country. Limited Liability Company(LLC) is a common type of business structure that is opted for by various company owners. Let’s explore the process of company registration and businesses that can flourish in Qatar. 

Limited Liability Company(LLC) in Qatar:

To create a Limited Liability Corporation in Qatar, you’ll need at least QAR 200,000 in capital and have at least 51% of the business’s shares owned by Qatari citizens. It makes no difference if there is a single Qatari partner or several.

The proportion of a company’s earnings that a shareholder receives cannot correspond to the proportion of stock held by that shareholder.

  • Only if the LLC has an appropriate place to conduct business does it applies for a business license.
  • Investment-related activities, such as banking and financing, are prohibited for a Limited Liability Company in Qatar.
  • All of an LLC’s yearly profits are subject to a corporate tax rate of 10%.
  • Unlimited contracts can be carried out at the same time by an LLC.

How is Qatar company formation is done?

Those from abroad who wish to establish a business in Qatar can do so by establishing a branch office or a wholly new corporation. Foreign firms must have local representation in order to legally conduct business in the country. If you’re an investor and want in Qatar a company formation, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Register a firm name with Commercial Registry and Trademark Department
  • The initial investment should be deposited into a bank account
  • Produce Articles of Association and file them with the Commercial Companies Control Department for approval
  • Verification of the Articles of Association
  • Filed paperwork with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Commercial Registry;
  • Tax registration and creation of a company seal
  • The City of Doha must provide a business license and a signage license. Depending on the nature of the company’s operations, other authorizations be required.
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Why in Qatar is company formation a better option?

Easy Formation

Qatar is a great environment to establish and expand a business because there are no rigid regulations in place regarding the formation of a company. In addition, Qatar’s rapid economic development and availability of necessary infrastructure bode well for the expansion of existing firms and the creation of new ones.

Simplified documents

By submitting the Article of Association, which describes the business in detail, including its shareholders, registered office, registered agent, business purpose, and more. To register a company in Qatar, however, this is the single most important document you’ll need.

Speedy approvals

In Qatar, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce is the government agency that is authorized to grant approvals needed to establish a new company. If all of the prerequisites are met within the given time frame, then the registration process will be completed within the allotted period as well. 

Attractive Business Sectors 

It is widely acknowledged by businessmen of all stripes that Qatar is among the best place in the Middle East including company formation in Saudi Arabia to conduct business. Each year, enormous sums of money are made in the oil and gas industry, the tourist industry, the real estate market, and the manufacturing sector.

Final words

Qatar has proven itself time and time again to be a top destination for international investors. Also, the recent FIFA World Cup is evidence of the country’s development in terms of commercial potential.

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