5 steps for building strategic communication message

5 steps for building strategic communication message

Are you confident enough that your customers’ experience and messages that they have concerning your organization leaves a positive impression? Developing an integrated communication message within the organization will provide you just that. These strategic communications consultants not only enhance your organization’s reputation but also build up the brand value. It is essential for your business. However, the task is not easy.

The steps required to build a strong message is useful and comes handy during media training as well. They are –

1) Strong strategic foundation: Several organizations view their communication team as a great service resource or enablers of the process. Most of the communication should be considered strategic for high performance and growth. Every leader in the organization should emphasize on the importance of communication through their mission, purpose statement, and objectives. This is possible only through strategic communications consultant. One of the benefits of this step is alignment and improvement in decision making, which leads to better results.

Communication management requires a new set of behaviors at all levels in an organization. The application can be challenging. Hence, you will need a strong foundation with executive-level alignment and endorsement to get where you want to be.

2) Right tools: The phase is to develop a set of tools that take the planning and creative efforts ahead. The model that the communication team uses here is what, how, and who model. What does each of the parts in the model signify?
• What: It is the defined message and the experience you want to create of it
• How: It is the means of communication you use to create this experience
• Who: They are people you want to reach out to do business
The similar models work wonders when you apply it against the reporters during an interview. Media training uses different techniques but focuses on what, how, and who regarding the key messages.

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3) Communication plan with calendars: It provides an overview of the corporate and marketing initiative which are crucial for coordination purpose. If the communication plan and calendars are in sync, the benefits include –
• Can resolve conflicts quickly
• Can leverage opportunities to combine efforts for cumulative impact
• Receive higher returns on investment
No planning is complete without the support of toolkit of communication which sets the bar for creative excellence. The tools could vary depending on the size of the organization and the number of people involved in the strategy.

4) Development process: Planning and the tools alone cannot bring about the results. If you are a well-known company, you need to make sure every initiative is on target. You must review them at critical points as well. Enterprise-level initiatives, departmental initiatives, and individual projects can benefit from disciplined communication development and launch step. Some of the factors woven in this phase are plan approval, project initiation, concept development, creative development, production and distribution, budget requirements, cross-functional scope, governance, and performance metrics.

5) Team of people: Strategic communications consultant emphasize on the need of right people for the communication to click. They should be a balance of knowledge and passion. Start building a team by appointing a leader who can understand the essence of the company, who can mentor, and motivate the employees. Recruit newbies and smart external experts who can bring the best strategies, methods, technologies, and the zeal to make the communication work.