Top 10 Beautiful & Best Chest Tattoos For Women

Top 10 Beautiful & Best Chest Tattoos For Women


Top 10 Beautiful & Best Chest Tattoos For Women

Chest tattoos have become a fashion statement for women. A chest piece tattoo can put your ink on display, while allowing ladies the versatility to choose feminine artwork that is sexy and pretty. Placement, size, colors and styling also become great ways to customize tattoo designs on your chest. Some girls prefer girly cute designs in the middle of their chest between their cleavage, while other females opt for cool badass body art that covers their full chest. For inspiration before you get tattooed, here are the best chest tattoo ideas for women!

Chest Tattoos For Women

Flower Chest Tattoo

When you want an elegant design, a flower chest tattoo is a great option. Whether you choose a black and white floral piece or a colorful flower tattoo boasting with vibrant shades, the simplicity of the delicate petals exudes beauty. Consider a sunflower, lotus, peony, cherry blossom, orchid, lily, or any beautiful design ideas that have meaning to you.

Small Chest Tattoo

Simple and understated, a small chest tattoo is best for women who want a new tattoo without taking up too much real estate. Choose whichever design you prefer and work with your tattoo artist to determine the size you’re most comfortable with before diving in.

Under Chest Tattoo

Daring and intriguing, an under chest tattoo is a popular alternative to those adorning the upper chest region. To optimize this placement, select a design with a focal point laid over the center of your chest. This creates a unique visual that is sexy and eye-catching.

Rose Chest Tattoo

A rose chest tattoo by any other name would still be as sweet. This is a versatile option as you can choose any color or style you want. Select a black rose outline for effortless beauty or infuse your tattoo with color and intricate designs if you want something bolder.

Chest Quote Tattoo

A chest quote tattoo is one of the most beautiful choices you can make when you’re picking out your new ink. Placing the quote along your collarbone makes it even more sophisticated. Be sure to choose a quote that’s meaningful to you.

Cute Chest Tattoo

Picking a cute chest tattoo can be daunting if you’re unsure of what you want in terms of design. To make it easier, think of feminine things you find beautiful in your everyday life. Flowers, butterflies, and hearts typically encapsulate this best and they make for perfectly dainty tattoos as well.

Full Chest Tattoo

Women who are committed to the artistry of tattooing embrace the idea of getting a full chest tattoo. When selecting this placement, the design you choose must be one that can cover the entire area cohesively.

Tribal Chest Tattoo

If you want to honor a specific heritage, go for a tribal chest tattoo. These designs typically work best in a larger area, as it allows the tattoo artists to incorporate each distinct portion of the tribal print.

Star Chest Tattoo

A star chest tattoo is one of the most versatile. Whether you want to get a specific constellation, a shooting star, or Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, you’ll be left with a stunning celestial piece you’re sure to love.

Butterfly Chest Tattoo

Women who love nature will love the idea of getting a butterfly chest tattoo. Though you can choose any stylization you prefer, these designs look best when realistic detail is added. Since so many species of butterfly exist, spend time looking at various ones to determine which work best for your new ink.

Top 100 Beautiful & Best Chest Tattoos For Women

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