Top 4 Reasons Why Car Sticker Installation Fail

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The popularity of vehicle decals is massive amongst small business owners. This is because vehicle decals are one of the most affordable and efficient ways to promote business. Correctly installed vehicle decals with high-quality materials are eye-catching and durable. 

Despite the effectiveness, the installation method of vehicle decals is time-consuming. Try covering the process in haste and you’ll install the stickers inappropriately on your promotional vehicles. Additionally, the installation process is also complicated. If you’re doing it yourself, various things might go wrong if you don’t have the proper knowledge. However, you don’t need to worry. Knowing the mistakes beforehand will help you avoid them. Here are the top 4 car stickers installation fail you should know. 

Using Wrong Vinyl Materials

The vinyl of the vehicle stickers varies in cost and quality. Some vinyl stickers are perfect for flat surfaces whereas, others are suited for corrugations and curves. Installing wrong vinyl stickers will cause wrinkles and bubbles. These types of problems will also affect the color and graphics of the vinyl stickers. Therefore, it’s imperative to choose relevant vinyl stickers for your promotional vehicle. 

Bubbles are one of the most common car sticker installation failures. However, if you purchase high-quality stickers for cars, you won’t have to face this problem as you can get rid of them with slight presses. Just like bubbling, shrinking is also another vinyl sticker problem you need to avoid. If you don’t pay attention while installing the stickers, vinyl stickers will become dirty and ugly within a few months. 

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Unprofessional Technique and Design

During the designing of the car decals, professional graphic designers consider the relevancy of graphic installation and the final results. 

Apart from that, people can easily differentiate between high-quality and low-quality designs. Sometimes improper techniques will also tamper with the adhesives of the car stickers making them ineffective to promote your business. Make sure the car stickers you purchase have rounded corners so that they cannot be lifted easily. 

Inadequate Cleaning and Improper Installation Environment

Since car stickers are extremely thin, even the smallest dust particle can be seen through the graphics of the stickers. Therefore, cleaning the surface of the car thoroughly is one of the most important things you need to remember. Makes sure you check the installation guidelines before installing the stickers. As per Reference, the installation guide from the manufacturers will ensure proper installation. 

Another vehicle sticker installation failure includes installing the stickers in an inappropriate environment. Car stickers should be installed in a dust-free, clean, dry, and warm environment. The dust will cause uneven surfaces on the vehicle stickers. Apart from that, the irrelevant temperature will affect the adhesives of the stickers. 

Over-Stretching the Stickers

You will increase the risks of lifting the stickers when you overstretch the materials of the car stickers. As the adhesive becomes weaker during the overstretching process, it will make the vinyl car decals less sticky. Overstretch will also affect the appearance of the car decals such as distorted graphics and discolored design. Therefore, the best way to avoid this problem is by measuring the size of your vehicle correctly before installing the stickers. 

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These are the top reasons why car sticker installation fails. Don’t forget that the post-heating process of the car decals is important to retain their original shape. Whatever you do, make sure the car stickers are appropriate for your brand.