Top 5 Tips for Buying Best Dog Leash

Have you ever walked your dog through a park, and suddenly the leash snaps? This is a nightmare you don’t want to experience with a quality leash. All dog leashes serve the purpose of keeping your dog safe and under control. In addition, you can use the leash with a collar to train your dog with specific skills or during daily walks.

With several dog leashes available, sometimes choosing the right one for your dog can be a challenge. We will help you select the best dog leash for your pet’s daily walk. This guide helps you through different leash options so you can decide where to invest.

  1. Know the leash type
two short-coated dogs stepping on snow

Different leash types on the market can be overwhelming. You need to find the right type depending on your specific use and the type of dog. A standard leash is commonly used for walking to the pet store. They vary between 4 and 6 feet and up to 1-inch wide to keep things easy. Most standard leashes are made of nylon material as they are affordable and flexible.

An adjustable leash type allows you to adjust the length and control your dog. It is a hybrid between a standard and retractable leash, offering flexibility to handle the pup. Adjustable leashes are also used when training the dogs and when your pet is too soft to control.

  1. Consider the dog leash material.
short-coated brown and white dog

The material should be a priority when buying a dog leash. You will find nylon, leather, and chain materials with varying strengths and weaknesses on the market. Leather leashes are the best dog gear as they can last years and are comfortable on the dog. Quality leather leashes are the best choice for regular dog walks around town or training sessions. They are comfortable to hold and have a bit of flexibility to use. The material can withstand 500 pounds of pull force and will not snap under regular use.

Nylon leashes are the most affordable on the market when buying dog leashes. They are a perfect option for short walks to the pet store or vet clinic but not ideal for a big dog. If you get the sizing correct, nylon leashes are comfortable in your hand. If your dog loves chewing on items, select the chain material. 

  1. Choose the right length.
black short coated dog with blue collar

Dog leashes are available in different length parameters of up to six feet. Get a long leash when visiting a less-trafficked area or explore the neighborhood with your dog. A 10-feet leash is also ideal when training your dog to have enough distance for better learning outcomes. However, you will need a shorter leash to manage your pup in a busy street and avoid clashing with other dogs.

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The long leashes make for a great training tool for your canine. For example, when engaged in distance command training, you will need a long leash, allowing your dog the freedom to practice behaviors without wandering off. Choose the leash length depending on your dog’s size and the activity you plan to use.

  1. Verify the leash width

While the width of a dog’s leash may not mean much to some, it can be crucial if you own a chewer. The last thing you want is getting a thin leash that will snap with any bit of force. Instead, select the width depending on your dog’s size, with large dogs demanding wider leashes than small breeds. Wide leashes are also perfect when training your dog since they will be put under extreme force.

Dogs are likely to chew on the leash if they feel bored or pull off the leash when in public. You will need a wide leash with strong materials such as leather or chain to prevent it from snapping. Thinner leashes are perfect for small and sensitive dogs to make them free. They provide close control in sticky situations.

  1. Examine the clip
black and tan dachshund on white sand during daytime

Your dog’s leash should have a firm grip to hold the pup whenever it loses control while in the streets. For example, some puppies may run around if a random street dog barks at them. In such circumstances, a firm grip is necessary to keep your pet in check. However, ensure the grip is not too hard to guarantee the dog’s safety.

Whenever walking your dog, it will probably pull in the opposite direction with full strength. Hence, you need a leash with a trigger snap clip since it is strong and remains closed. When purchasing, look for a leash with a good quality metal clip strong enough to withstand force. Preferably, choose a brass or stainless-steel metal clip that can avoid corrosion.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing dog leashes requires that you consider your needs and the size of your dog. The leash for dog training is not the same as a leash for walking your dog in the park in size, material, and type. There are endless options when purchasing leashes on the market. Consider the length, width, material, clip, and leash type. Different activities demand different leash types, with an odor and odor-resistant leash perfect for your dog. Also, consider buying several leashes if your pup gets a hold of the leash while on a walk. Regardless of the leash type, do not compromise on its quality.

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