Indian wedding

Ways to Plan an Indian Wedding

Marriage is an emotion full of joy and fun, especially Indian weddings are covered with dance, rituals, ceremonies, colorful clothes, decoration, music and stress of planning everything. The planning process is also an exciting journey filled with anticipation. With little patience and flexibility, one could create a memorable and beautiful day for you, your future partner and both the families. Planning a wedding is complicated, so you have to gather some information or some advice from an experienced person in the family. Usually, in Indian society, parents take care of everything right from selecting a partner from any Indian or Australian matrimonial along with the planning, execution and wrapping of everything after the wedding.  

Some of the significant pointers that may guide through the wedding

  • Fix a date and lock budget as per your choices: it is necessary for both families to discuss the budget before initiating any marriage ceremony, as everything depends on the money you want to spend. Fixing a date or day as per your family and friends is essential.
  • Calculate all the expenses; this may include rents, groceries, gifts, sweets, etc. Any confusion later may lead to a big problem or matter of concern for both families.
  • Leave some space for unexpected expenses, vehicle repair costs, or medical bills.
  • Figure out the ways both the families are going to share the expenses, and it could be challenging to borrow money for wedding expenses. You may take the help of your partner to approach their family if they are comfortable doing this.
  • The budget also depends on the number of members invited from both families; sit with your families and prepare a guest list, even if your wedding is simple, but the number of guests did create a difference in the budget as it may affect food, drinks, accommodation, reservations, etc.
  • Assemble your guest list and wedding ritual: discuss in detail the attendees of the wedding on the big day. Once you get to know who is coming, connect with them or drop a message for them. Since the more guests, the more you have to plan things. Coordination of both families is essential.
    • Sending cards 2 to 3 months prior helps your guest make reservations and preplan things like clothes, jewelry, etc.
    • In case you are going to a destination, inform your guest regarding the weather conditions during the wedding.
    • Do discuss with families about the standard and unique rituals, since Indian wedding means lots of ceremonies and small rituals.
  • Choosing a venue and vendors: Once you are done with the wedding date, place and guest list. You have to approach the venue options, hotel, park for the leading wedding, caterers, lights, sounds, etc., depending on where you live. Get in touch with the videographer and photographer in your area, and look at some of their portfolio. Try to catch up with the potential one within your budget and understand your style of wedding. Canada matrimonial Punjabi wedding has numerous rituals, so photographers who understand everything suit the best.
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