What are the expenses associated with moving to the UK from the United States?


People make certain decisions to get more out of life. Such a decision could be as important as deciding when to get married, and it could be as trivial as whether to buy a certain new item or not. Amongst the decisions that people also make are deciding to move from one place to another, which could be as far as crossing oceans. 

You may be reading this because you are in such a situation right now or planning to make a move. If you have decided to relocate from the US to the UK, you are at the right spot to know the financial implications.

Traveling near or far always involves money. Expect to spend more money if you move from one country to another, which you should know already. The significant point is finding out what it will cost you to move from your destination, the US, to the UK.

This article will give you an idea of what you should expect to spend when moving and the processes involved. 

Visa fee

The first thing anyone moving from USA to UK must do is apply for a visa. However, different categories of visas will give you entry into the UK. The purpose of moving will determine the visa type and price. 

The visa type for a person studying is different from the one to work or visit the UK for a few months. Furthermore, all these visas have separate price tags. This means you must have a budget for the specific visa you may need. There are other types of visas like transit, business, and visitor visas, but the three mentioned above are more popular. 

Another factor worth considering is the number of people moving together at once. Are you going with your family? Also, will there be pets involved? If you pay for the wrong visa by mistake, you may not be refunded, and you may need to re-apply and pay for the specific one that suits you.  

If you are going with your family, the number of people you are going with will determine your visa expenses. Let’s assume you are going with your partner and two children; you will pay the visa fee for four people. Don’t forget the purpose of the move will determine the price of the visa each person will need. 

Flight fee

The next thing you need to budget for is the flight ticket unless you are going by another means of transportation. However, flight remains the most common means of entering the UK from the US. 

As indicated earlier, the total number of people going together matters most when budgeting for travel. A single person will only book one flight ticket. However, a family of four will book for four people. 

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The good news is, if the family is going with any child under two years old, some might not demand a flight fee for such a child. That means the child will be lapped. Also, note that the flight prices for airlines are not the same, so it’s important to check different airlines and their costs to determine the one that suits you the most before finally booking.

Another issue to be considered is the time to book the flight. It’s a rule of thumb always to secure one’s flight earlier to get a fair price as it tends to be costlier if one books at a closer date to departure.  

What to move

Here is another major thing that determines the expenses of moving from the USA to the UK. Are you moving with your pets, and are you moving most or all of your stuff from the USA to the UK?

The answer to that question will give you a clear view of what you should budget for this aspect. Are you going with just checked luggage, or will you hire an international mover to help you ship your things? The price for this will depend on the particular company you are using. 

If you are moving with your pet, you will need extra expenses for the carrier, an appointment with the vet, and shipping. All of these add up to your total expenses, and you can determine the costs by the choices you make.   

Pre-move trip 

Some people prefer to visit the country they are moving into before finally relocating. Among the reasons for this is to know the cost of living, state, or part of the country they would like to settle into and secure an apartment.  

If you would like to follow this pattern, factor in the extra expenses for this special trip into your traveling expenses.


This is also a vital area to consider. The amount you will spend on accommodation depends on the part of the country. It’s no longer news that London and its environs are usually costlier than almost all other parts of the UK. 

Also, the type of apartment, furnished or unfurnished, matters. If you move all your stuff from the USA, the unfurnished apartment will save you some cash. In addition, the apartment type varies and determines prices; studio, a room, two rooms, or more apartments do not go for the same amount. The choice you make will make you spend less or more.    


No two people will spend the same amount to move from the USA to the United Kingdom. The individual can determine the total expenses by cutting costs in one area or the other.

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