What are the Impacts, Symptoms & Consequences of Prescription Drug Addiction?

Prescription drug addiction is an umbrella term for addiction and abuse of any prescription drug. Since there are literally hundreds of thousands of different prescription drugs available, it is difficult to pigeonhole what prescription drug addiction is like, what it does to a person and what the symptoms are, but it is safe to say that prescription drug addiction can be just as harmful, just as destructive, and just as illegal as an addiction to any street drug. However, since most people view prescription drug addiction as a white-collar crime, it has far more social acceptability than street drug addiction. No matter what, prescription drug addiction is an issue that needs to be addressed at professional drug detox in California treatment centers.


The impact that prescription drug abuse can have on a person is profound. Many people believe that if you are addicted to something you can get at your local pharmacy, it is easier to hide the signs that you are having problems. In some cases, this is true, but in others, signs begin popping up immediately. Just like any other addiction, whether it be to heroin or video games, the impact of prescription drug addiction can literally ruin someone’s life. There is a sharp increase in the willingness to break the law so a person can acquire more of the drug they are addicted to. This law-breaking could come in the form of going to another doctor and lying about symptoms or simply by breaking into a pharmacy and stealing them. Addiction to prescription drugs, especially things like diet pills and painkillers, can come on in a matter of days. Every doctor and pharmacist is trained to look for the signs of being addicted to prescription drugs, so if you are prescribed something that is possibly addictive, you should have several people looking out for you and for the symptoms of addiction.

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Just like with any drug addiction, the first thing outsiders will notice is a rapid change in personality. A person’s priorities will completely change and go from things they have loved all their life to simply obtaining more drugs. You will likely catch a person lying, cheating, stealing, and more. Lying can extend to other friends, doctors, nurses, or just about anyone. If a fix is not found, withdrawal symptoms can start in as little as 24 hours. These include sweating, nausea, anger, emotional swings, and pain.


Prescription drug abuse is far and away from the most socially acceptable form of addiction in the Western world. It is something that celebrities and others go through all the time, and although this kind of addiction can be fatal and has ruined many a life if caught in time, there is no reason to think that a person won’t be able to resume a completely normal life with the very little social stigma attached. The key, of course, is catching it early, treating it aggressively and limiting exposure in the future. It is important that you alert the family doctor of your condition so that prescription drugs can be limited to you in the future.

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