4 Reasons To Choose STEM After School

4 Reasons To Choose STEM After School


STEM activities offer programs for kids in which they learn several skills. Some of the skills remain with them life long whereas others help them grow.

Here are a few reasons to choose STEM after school:

Let The Child Experiment

Experimenting is one thing that helps a child to learn and discover new things. Every inventor in this world once tried something and after it worked, he was known for his work. STEM after school activities allow that experimentation amongst children. By giving this chance to the children we can make them realize that it is completely fine to be unaware of the outcome and risk and still work on a given task with complete confidence. 

The chance of unexpected success is something which makes children realize the value of experimentation. They will further embrace it and use this quality in their day to day life. In the end they will easily find what works for them.

Fosters Teamwork

STEM holiday activities are a center point for all team projects. This program not only supports personal growth of a child but as a team too. From working with one another on some given science project to using the technology for building robots, students become comfortable in working together. This way the skill of teamwork is learned by children and then perfected with years of practice. By working with a team, children also learn to trust others, ask them for help etc. 

Basically teamwork teaches kids to listen to their mates, consider their ideas and offer advice in critical situations. At the end of a project, children also discover the fact that projects turn out to be better when done together rather than alone.

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Teaches Use Of Technology At Young Age

Technology is an integral component of STEM. All the after school programs for primary school students by STEM involve a bit of technology in it. After all, technology is an essential aspect in the world today and because it is going nowhere in the next fifty years at least, it is crucial that children get exposed to it at an early age. 

In fact, by the time your child starts kindergarten, having knowledge of the basic technology is a must. He or she should have knowledge of computers to improve their academic performance and life as a whole. STEM after school is a mix of skills like critical thinking, collaboration, citizenship etc. Therefore with STEM learning, you get your child exposed to all.

Builds Confidence

STEM has no right or wrong. Anything that your child does will lead him or her to somewhere. There are chances that the experiment of children in the robotics after school activity may not go as planned, but they will still end up learning something crucial. This is what will make students realise that finding a good validation of hypothesis may fail at times but there are many things that would pass in. Making mistakes is part of every process you do. 

All you need to remember is to try again. Trying again will never leave you unsuccessful. After such activities your child will end up having qualities like resilience, perseverance, confidence etc. Such life skills are not easy to teach but once learned, will stay forever.

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