Everything you need to know about an Ayurveda holiday in Kerala

Ayurveda holiday in Kerala

Everything in God’s own country has a deep connection with Mother Nature. Right from the coconut groves to the martial art form, Kalaripayattu everything has its own significance. When it comes to medicine, Kerala is known as the best place to experience true healing. There are a lot of Ayurvedic centers, healing and rejuvenation centers in Kerala that offer some of the best experiences to people who walk in with different ailments and diseases.

Most of the people these days plan an exclusive trip to Kerala just to get a complete understanding and feeling of Ayurveda. There are exotic resorts in Kerala that offers some of the best Ayurvedic holiday experience when you are here. With the sophisticated massage centers, the panchakarma treatment, and a quiet ambiance the holiday is going to be a truly fantastic one.

In this article, we have written about the details that one must understand when they are planning for a trip to Kerala. This article gives you an insight on everything you need to know about an Ayurveda holiday in Kerala.

  • Plan your vacation properly

The first and the foremost thing to do is to plan the vacation properly. To undergo the overall changes in your lifestyle using Ayurveda, it takes quite a bit of time and some of the massages, healing, and release of energy and cleansing the system can take anywhere between 10-20 days. Hence, planning a vacation properly is extremely crucial.

  • Choose a destination

There are a lot of Ayurveda health centers in Kerala and it is your responsibility to choose the destination even before you book your tickets. Unless and until you are sure about the place you are going to you may not be able to understand the kind of treatments that can be availed there.

  • The theme of the destination also matters

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Most of the people may love to get the massages done in a secluded village enjoying the bountiful nature and the lush green trees that surround them. A few of them would want their rejuvenation centers to be located near the backwaters and offer them a lovely scenic view as they wake up early in the mornings. So, depending upon your preference, you can choose your Ayurvedic centers.

  • Get to know the treatments that are available

There are different kinds of treatment for different ailments and problems. Some of the common therapies that can be availed at a rejuvenation center are as follows:

  • Panchakarma treatment

  • Anti-aging therapy

  • Body massages

  • Slimming therapy

  • Beauty therapy

  • Stress-relief therapy

While some of the therapies can be done to all, a few of them would require proper diagnosis and recommendations from a certified Ayurveda practitioner.

  • Check for all the details before you choose the Ayurveda centers

Getting to know everything about the Ayurveda centers even before you go it is extremely important. Getting recommendations from your physician would be a better thing to do because they might suggest reliable centers and specialists and that’s the safest bet. If you try finding them on your own, try looking into authorized centers and then proceed to book your stay.

  • Understand the details on the cost and the package

It is important to get the details on the cost and the packages on the treatment. Some of the centers would charge exorbitantly while the others may do it a reasonable price. Also, the packages included would vary from one place to the other. Hence, getting to know the details of all these things is essential.

  • Get massages done

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When you are vacationing in Kerala keeping your health and wellness in mind, you would be getting the best of massages done. The specialists at the massage centers and the spas are well-trained professionals and they make use of different kinds of oils to perform the massages.

These oils are made using various herbal extracts and they are used to as lubrication on the entire body and then using the proper technique the stress from the body is completely released. These massages are done on a regular basis for 15-30 days depending on the kinds of issues you have.

  • Get your pressure points activated for the proper flow of blood

Jumping up and running can also become possible once you start your Ayurvedic treatments at some of the best centers in Kerala. The science of alternative therapy or healing has been practiced by a lot of people in Kerala.

There are various pressure points in our body and to be free of ailments, it is important to activate these points. When you are at the Ayurvedic center, these pressure points would be activated. By doing this the blood circulation in the body would be regularised and all the organs would function properly.

When all the above-mentioned things are done, your experience at the Ayurveda centers for health and well-being would be an extraordinary one.