Best Body Shaper: How Should You Buy a Corset

Best Body Shaper: How Should You Buy a Corset


Body shaper, also known as shapewear, helps achieve the wearer a curvy waist and an hourglass figure. Wearing it daily, you can notice the results instantly. Also, a strapless body shaper can be worn as a postpartum girdle to help recover from pregnancy. It is a well-constructed and supportive garment that protects 

against complications after c-section and assists in recovering safely.   

Getting in shape is a fanciful thought for almost everyone, but the means to do so are scarce. Spending hours in the gym and avoiding your favorite foods for months are some of the well-known methods to lose some extra pounds. However, a combination of exercises and a rigid diet is a long-term process. Also, its results remain effective only when you keep on following the routine. 

In the last few years, the popularity of body shapers has skyrocketed as an effective way to get quick results. A body shaper corset helps transform your overall look and gives you an hourglass figure instantly. It is available in many types, sizes, and colors. 

History of Body Shapers: How They Changed Over Time  

Body shapers have been around us for centuries. Worn during the old Mesopotamia, shapewear garments were called a girdle. Apart from that, ancient Greek women used these undergarments to minimize their waists.   

Unlike today’s flexible and breathable shapers, ancient girdles were made of soft leather, fabric, or wool. 

The 21st-century shapewear pieces are completely different from their ancestors. We have beautiful, comfortable, and highly useful body shapers. Some can be worn for an hourglass figure while others help in c-section recovery. 

What to Buy

  • Bellefit Postpartum Corset

Made of medical-quality material and approved by FDA, Bellefit Postpartum Corset is an ideal garment piece to wear after natural birth or c-section. It reduces pregnancy-related weight, supports your lumbar regions, relieves back pain, and helps close the abdominal gap. 

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The corset is made of high-quality material and has breathable fabric. Other features of the corset include:

  • Three front-row closures for size adjustment 
  • Back panels for support and to relieve pain
  •  Rear-end reinforcement
  • Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle

Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle is the best postpartum belly band that helps in various complications after giving birth. It is a flexible medical-grade postpartum girdle that helps reduce swelling after pregnancy. Its four individually-sewn back panels and reinforced front panel offer medical-grade compression. 

Other features of the girdle include:

  • Anti-pinch protection 
  • Inner spiral boning
  • Full coverage
  • Bellefit Bodysuit Corset

The triple-layered corset reduces swelling faster and offers medical-grade compression. It is an ideal garment to use after giving birth for support and an hourglass figure. Its adjustable straps and breathable fabric make it comfortable to wear for many hours. 

The body shaper corset comes with powerful compression panels that help flatten the tummy. Also, it has rear-ended reinforcement that ensures that the corset remains in its place when you move. 

Some other fascinating features of the corset are:

  •  Powerful compression panels
  • Full coverage
  • Medical-grade protection

In the End

Now that you are aware of the best strapless body shaper, you can get the perfect size for you at Bellefit. Whether you want to look fabulous after giving birth or aim to recover quickly after c-section, you find FDA-approved pieces. Explore a collection and get the right corset for your needs.   


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