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Best Marketing Tactics for Snapchat Advertising


Snapchat, a small world of millennials where the average age of users is not above 34 years. It is a great platform for a business that targets millennials, you will get a lot of them here. Many businesses get be fooled by the number of limited users that is 187 million (still not low) but this platform is worth it. Content on Snapchat stays for 24 hours, now that makes a sense of urgency. On average a user can check Snapchat 25 times a day to avoid miss outs.

Advertising on Snapchat is unlike Facebook and Instagram. It is not putting money in and getting out something. If you want to earn loyal followers and build true connections, Snapchat is a place for you.

But you may wonder what you are going to put in there. On Facebook, you design ads with a properly edited photograph. Well, there is much content to put in if you do so. You are clearly not going to earn conversion quickly but could become popular soon. You really need to know your aim before working on this platform.

Do you want apps installations, video views, or more traffic on-site?

Here are some marketing tactics that you can apply on Snapchat to earn benefits-

Avail Limited Time Offer

As Snap stories are for 24 hours only, you can grab the advantage of this. You can give limited-time offers to your followers. You are likely to get actions if you do so. Most of the crowd on Snapchat is young so they are likely to act on limited time offers. As they are not earning and are always in search of coupon codes kind of things online. Now, you may, an idea like this can cost you, things like offers have a limited advantage so to complement you have to jump on the next point.

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Earn Brand Awareness Through a Contest

Snapchat advertising could be the next interesting thing for you. You can launch a contest for your followers and motivate them to participate. As the audience is young and energetic, they are likely to act on it. You can educate your audience about your brand through this tactic. In rewards, you can give away a free product a free consultation, and much more. For instance, you are a life coach or a career advisor and you can give career advice or life-management tips for free. An idea like this definitely works for users who are young and pursuing their studies.

Promote your presence on Snapchat outside the Snapchat

Strategically, it is very important and who denied you to promote your Snapchat profile on another giant platform, Of course, you can take help. You just have to tell your followers on another platform that you are present on Snapchat too if they want they can follow you. Now how this works, for this jump on the next two points.

Promo codes exclusively for Snapchat users

You will appreciate this trick if you are a Snapchat ads expert, announcing promo codes exclusively for followers of a particular platform can achieve actions. People who don’t use Snapchat are more likely to download it and follow you and there you go, your first shot for brand building is done. Now you can retain these customers how?? Jump to next.

Share behind the scene/stories/real life

You go to any omnichannel digital marketing agency, they will say trust development is the most important thing for marketing. Snapchat is a platform that let you do so. You can share how you work, what your team does in a day and build transparency.

Snapchat may a small platform but could a source for high-end results.

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