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Chino Men Pants Vs. Jeans | Know Which is Right for You


The two most popular men’s pants are jeans & chinos. However, these two attires are not new to the world. Since classic time, men have been wearing it on a regular basis. Men can make the best of these two trousers and have a stylish appearance. Plus, some people are not much aware of chino men’s pants until today. No worries, we will have a glimpse of it and then proceed with the comparison. 

History of Chinos 

The origin of chinos came into existence in the mid 19th century. The idea of introducing chino pants in the fashion industry is from British & French military uniforms. Gradually, the pants went viral, and men started liking them. They feel modish and comfortable for long hours. These pants are not entirely like formal trousers. It falls more in the category of semi-formal pants. However, it’s different from khaki pants. 

Comparison Points 


The first difference is the fabric. Chinos are made of delicate chino cloth. On the other hand, jeans are made up of denim. Some may have the doubt that both the pants are made up of cotton fabric. That’s true, but jeans are made from cotton denim and chinos are made of cotton chino. The other difference comes in the weaving pattern. The best chinos for men feature durability, appearance, and strength. 


Undoubtedly, chinos and jeans have gained much popularity over a century. Most men’s wardrobes must include these two types of pants, which can be put into various styles. But comparing both popularity, jeans are more popular as some people have no idea about chinos. Once they will get to know about chino trousers, then they will surely love keeping more collections in their wardrobe. It’s because they are highly comfortable. 

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Usually, high-quality jeans and chinos are of similar price. There is no huge difference. It’s essential that you look for the quality as it makes your trousers run for a longer time. Especially when getting cheap quality chino pants, you will not get that finish look and comfort which actually renders.


Compared to jeans, chinos weigh less and make them a phenomenal choice for the summer months. Customers demand something light, durable, and breathable in the hot season. Chinos fulfill the needs. Moreover, chino shorts are also available in the summers making the season pleasing for men. 


Both the styles are not complete formal dress. However, chinos can be an ideal option when deciding to dress formals. Go ahead with a black chino pant and pair it with a shirt & formal shoes. Not compulsory, but can layer with a blazer to enhance the overall look. By getting this look, it’s hard to differentiate whether it’s a semi-formal or formal look. 


Jeans & chinos require the same cleaning process. Both can be machine washed; however, be sure about the detergent one may be using. Even to keep the color remain as it is, try to wash both the pants in cold water. 

The comparison favors both styles of pants. But when it’s about summers and formal dressing, chinos are more favorable. 

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