CBD Oil for Dogs: Do Dogs Benefit from Cannabis?

Cbd Oil For Dogs

CBD is currently one of the most consumed cannabis products in the world presently. And this is due to the therapeutic effects it provides to humans and pets alike. Everyone who has tried this compound can attest to the many benefits it provides. More so, it is now a compound that is often used by medical practitioners and traditional healers to remedy several medical ailments.

Nonetheless, if you do not know about the remarkable compound known as CBD, I employ you to read on and get the necessary info that you need.

I Don’t Know What CBD Oil is

For those who do not know what CBD is, well, it is short for cannabidiol. It is an extract from the traditional cannabis plant. It is a special type of cannabinoid that is organically found in a hemp or marijuana plant. Before now, cannabidiol oil was deemed a mystical compound, as no one could tell if it was safe or not. As of now, scientific research concludes that CBD oil is safe for consumption for both humans and animals.

Since CBD is a byproduct of cannabis, most people believed that it would create an intoxicating effect just as marijuana. However, this is widely untrue. Cannabidiol doesn’t have enough THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) to induce the “high” feeling in users. In fact, research tells us that cannabidiol has just as little as 0.03% THC. This is safe and wouldn’t cause harm to users.

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Whereas, marijuana has a staggering 30% THC. This is why users feel intoxicated once they consume the compound. The summary is, THC is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It is solely responsible for inducing psychoactive behavior in marijuana consumers. You can check here for the difference between THC and CBD. 

Do Dogs Benefit from CBD?

Studies have shown that cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid receptors. And these receptors are located in a dog’s central and peripheral nervous system. This in turn helps to enhance the function of the nervous system, thereby maintaining overall health. Here are a few reasons to administer CBD oil to your furry friend:

Effective Painkiller

Not only do humans suffer body pain. Dogs suffer from this condition as well. The cause of body pain in canines can be of several factors. It can be a result of past surgery. It can be a result of fractures from exercises and scuffles. 

It can even be a result of old age. However, when the pain is consistent, experts advise administering hemp oil. This is because hemp is known to ease pain, and can effectively remedy chronic diseases.


Did you know that hemp has lots of medicinal properties? And, because of its properties, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory supplement. It helps to increase the performance of the immune system. So, this means that your furry friend can fight off several physical and psychological conditions.

Manages Anxiety

Cannabis is well known to reduce anxiety. Just like humans, dogs suffer anxiety. This can be brought on by several factors. Your pooch can suffer anxiety as a result of a thunderstorm, car noises, stranger’s visit, or separation. All these can cause problems for your pooch. It can harm its health. When the case is extreme, your pooch can try to run away. It can even jump from stairs or out a window.

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Veterans tell us that prescribing CBD for dogs gummies orally to canines can help calm their nerves. This in turn will manage the anxiety that they feel at that time.

Allows for a Healthy Coat and Skin

Dermatologists recommend regular care for the skin. They say the things we consume play a major role in the health of the skin. This applies to canines as well. So, when your dog lacks nutrition, it can tell on its skin. Also, ticks, skin allergies can do damage to a dog’s skin as well as its coat. Vets recommend that applying CBD oil topically to a dog’s skin will help to improve skin health. It will also help to improve its sheen and protect it from allergies and ticks.

Aids Joint and Bone Health

As dogs grow older, they get susceptible to various ailments. One such ailment is arthritic pain. This is a dog’s greatest nemesis. Did you know that CBD is potent in remedying arthritis in older dogs? By simply using CBD oil as a balm for massage on your pooch, you are simply stimulating their bone and joint health.

Vets prescribe consuming CBD oil and massaging in a pooch’s skin from a younger age. This is to strengthen the bone and joint till it gets to adulthood. This link https://www.petmd.com/dog/general-health/evr_dg_remedies_for_arthritis_in_dogs has tips on managing arthritis in dogs. 

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give my Dog?

If you’re using CBD for supplementation or treating a mild condition, you can administer 2-4 drops. Your pet should take this at least twice daily and at most 4 times. Keep in mind that the dose above can be adjusted based on your dog’s size, or the condition it’s suffering from. Make sure that your CBD provider provides a dosage chart for you to follow. If your provider does, then it is best to stick to the instruction.

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Take Away

Scientific evidence gives us proof that dogs benefit a lot from CBD. Not only does it help to treat several ailments, but it also helps to improve their quality of life. However, it is best to follow the dosage chart recommended by your vet before prescribing it to your pooch. A vet will tell you how best to prescribe the compound. They will also suggest medications that you do away with when administering the compound.

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