A Guide to Choose an Ideal Pad for Your Menstrual Needs

A Guide to Choose an Ideal Sanitary Pad for Your Menstrual Needs

Searching for the best sanitary pads brands in India? Before going for a particular brand, it is important to know all about menstrual pads. Always choose the right menstrual pad that fits properly and provides you with the required period protection. Since each person is unique and has a unique menstrual flow, the ‘one size fits all’ thinking doesn’t work when choosing various feminine hygiene products. Due to one size fits all thinking, more than 55% of women end up wearing the wrong size pad.  

Sanitary pads come in different sizes, lengths, and coverage to meet unique menstrual needs. As flow is not the same throughout the periods, there are sanitary pads for heavy flow to low flow. Therefore, to make the right choice, it is vital to understand your body and periods. One must keep track of the changes in the body and menstrual cycle changes to choose the best sanitary pad. After understanding your periods, it is important to know about the material used in the pads. There are some pads available in the market made of a plastic-like top layer. This type of pad can cause skin rashes and even infections. One must look for soft and dry sanitary napkins that are skin-friendly and suitable for unique menstrual needs. If the skin is very sensitive and prone to infections, special care must be taken while choosing the pads. Mostly, the soft cotton pads for periods work best for all skin types. One important thing to note here is that even after choosing the right material, it is important to change your pads every 6 hours to avoid the chances of infection. 

Different types and sizes of Sanitary Pads 

Sanitary napkins are available in two categories – fluff and ultra. They are designed in different sizes that range from regular to large to extra large size. Regular size pads are used for normal flow, and ultra pads are for heavy flow. 

  • Pantyliners: Pantyliners are designed for everyday use for soaking up vaginal discharge or light spotting (period blood). In the market, one can easily get panty liners in different variants. One can make a selection according to their unique preference and comfort requirements.  
  • Regular pads: Standard or regular pads are the most common and widely used pads. Regular pads are best suitable for low flow days during periods. 
  • Large pads: Large sanitary pads are an ideal choice for heavy to medium flow days. They offer longer protection while keeping the area dry and clean. 
  • Extra-large pads: As the name suggests, extra-large pads are much longer than regular and large pads for better support and protection against medium to slightly heavy flow during periods.  
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So, these are some of the key sizes of pads available in the market to protect during periods. To ensure complete hygiene and comfort, one must choose the right pad type based on the flow and usage. Today, a number of brands provide sanitary pads in organic versions as well. These organic pads are made of cotton material and are 100% organic. It is advisable to use soft cotton pads for periods as they are gentle on the skin and prevent various issues like rashes, discomfort, or wetness. 

Thankfully, numerous products are available in the market to help people deal with their periods easily and comfortably. Due to the growing usage of sanitary pads, many sanitary pads brands in India have come up with different options to meet the specific preference and usage of the customers. So, next time you purchase sanitary napkins, don’t just choose one size, instead go for a variety of sizes to cater to the different flow levels during the menstrual cycle.

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