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Tips on How to Succeed on Your First Online Video Date


The pandemic changed the way we date. Eons ago—nineteen months to be exact—dating looks and feels terrific. Meeting up with someone for coffee and a movie was exciting. However, everything changed when the outbreak kicked in.

Everyone needs to emotionally connect and increase their show of appreciation to loved ones as everyone is peeled off of the basic necessity of any relationship—meeting each other in person.

Budding pairs and singles compensate through online dating and video phone calls. If you’re here fishing out for online video date tips, you’ve come to the right place. We prepared for you the ultimate things to do to nail your virtual date. Enjoy!

14 Tips to Nail Your Online Video Date

1. Dress up

The great thing about going on a virtual date is that the person on the other side of the screen can’t see you and your foolishness in person. They also can’t smell you if you don’t shower or see the acne on your face. But you will; you’ll feel the stickiness of your skin, smell your hideousness, and see your acne!

So, act as if the date was in person and get ready accordingly. Throw in your favorite suit and slacks, or wear your glamorous outfit for date night. Do your hair and look great.

All these make all the difference as they help in how you perceive yourself. Most importantly, you’ll feel better throughout the date.

2. Charge your laptop

Nothing feels worse than being all too flirty and realizing your laptop’s juice is running out.

As such, make sure to power your battery well enough to last the date. You can also have your charger at the ready, so you can instantly recharge it when it’s close to dying. Or, charge it while you’re on the date, so you don’t get distracted once it runs out and you’re in the middle of an intimate conversation.

3. Have a clean and fragrant setting

If you’re used to having an unmade bed or a laundry pile as your view day in and out, let it be just for your viewing. Never make it your video call backdrop and risk your date judging you before they get to know you!

Clean everything! Have a well-organized and presentable setting for your date. Remember that keeping a clean and orderly environment is like being in a neat and posh restaurant. 

The atmosphere can influence the tone of your date, so ensure a pleasant backdrop for your video date. It may also feel romantic if you aerate and spray some disinfectant in your room.

4. Have a great lighting

Looking at a screen instead of at your date, in person, across a dinner table might be weird at first. But, going on a video date can be a fabulous way to make yourself feel confident.

Before getting on the call, frame your laptop, tablet, or phone. Set up your camera at your best angle. It would help if you also tried replicating some of the romantic candle lightings you’d find in restaurants. You could always dim your lights or add candles around for a fancier and more romantic mood.

If you’re uncertain how your setup would look, call a friend and have them check the overall setting for you.

5. Awkwardness may happen

When you’re trying to make a great first impression, there may not be a lot of room for you to relax and be yourself. Most likely, they will be awkward moments, and they’re normal!

First dates in real life have their fair share of clumsies. Awkward moments are just going to happen no matter how you plan an ideal first date.

6. Be funny

While awkward times are inevitable, you could always make a swift save by pitching in some jokes.

Being funny will also help break the ice. During the whole course of the date, find something you both agree on, and be sure to keep the mood light and flirty.

7. Be romantic

No matter people’s liberal mindset in dating nowadays, there will always be a part of someone who’ll feel great when someone’s sweet to them. With this, go big on your first virtual date. It doesn’t have to be grand; it just has to be your own version of perfect.

8. Give a polite compliment

When on a date, remember to throw in some compliments, too! If you think your date is exceptionally appealing, don’t burst out a “Dang! You look hot!” They might get offended or find you too brazen. Instead, be refined and friendly, and start with a “You look nice tonight.”

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9. Don’t talk about the pandemic the entire time

It’s entirely reasonable to talk about a massive world event changing our entire lives at the moment. It’s understandable and a helpful topic as it shows your date’s values and standpoints on this whole chaos. But, don’t take up the entire date with pandemic discussion.

It may be emotionally and mentally draining on both sides if you only talk about the goings-on due to the pandemic. Since it is still happening, it will, of course, come up. However, feel free to steer the conversation elsewhere for both of your sanity’s sake.

10. Don’t do all the talking!

Don’t talk too much, especially when it’s still your first time to talk ever. You can also skip small talks, especially when you’re dating someone from Russia—they hate that!

Talking about the weather or your date’s educational past is a great conversation starter. But, discussing surface-level things won’t help foster the relationship. On your date, open a discussion about meaningful topics—could be current world issues.

Whatever you do, don’t do all the talking. You’re on a date, not a counseling session. Remember to make it a two-way conversation.

If you find yourselves immersed in a spirited conversation about your preferences and life goals, you may have—finally—met the person you’re willing to spend your life with!

11. Don’t be in a hurry

First dates are there for you to get to know each other. So, don’t move too fast—you’re not in a race. If you’re nervous, calm down and remind yourself that you are going out with someone who might be nervous themselves.

You are meant to enjoy your first date, which will—hopefully—be a ticket to the next ones. If your date ends up being a complete disaster, don’t get too worked up. Remember that at the end of the day, a date is just a date.

12. Be respectful 

Being a jerk or showing your utmost disgust on something controversial is a surefire way to ruin the date. It’s one thing to be opinionated, but it’s another to express your rants on anyone—especially your date.

Keep your rants to yourself and be sensitive to your date’s opinions. Openly expressing your leanings without acknowledging theirs may wreck your date. Show them your good side, and if your viewpoints matter to you, explain them to you in a relaxed and respectful manner.

13. Always show the real you

It’s okay to place your best foot forward on the first virtual date. It helps make sure that your online date will go on as you wished it to be.

But, have a clear line between placing your best foot forward and being downright ostentatious. Treat your online date with the affection and respect they deserve, and be sure to display your genuine self while you do.

14. Decompress after the online date

Staying at home for work or school gives us a sense that we didn’t do anything simply because we were in the comfort of our homes while doing them. That may also go true with a virtual date.

While you feel that way, remind yourself that you did something; you went out of your comfort zone during a pandemic, no less. You opened up and showed a part of you that you were hesitant to share with a stranger via FaceTime or Zoom!

Regardless of how your date ended, recognize the effort you put in and reward yourself for doing them. Take a bath, share this adorable milestone with your friends, or pour yourself a glass of wine.

Have patience and date safely!

Meeting someone in a public place for dinner now seems rather silly—and reckless—with all the mask-wearing and social distancing and a pandemic to boot.

Even when health protocols have mellowed down, many singles still choose to date safely. If you’re one of them, you’re doing the right thing. Have patience at the moment. When everything and everyone feels better, you can finally meet that special someone. And we guarantee you, by then, the waiting will be all worth it!

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