Finding the Perfect Prom Dresses For 2021

Finding the Perfect Prom Dresses For 2021


Many high schoolers are already thinking about what they want to wear to prom. Some girls spend years fantasizing about what they’ll wear to prom. Others don’t think seriously about prom dresses until the event draws near. 

The Top Prom Dress Trends In 2021


The 80s are back in style, and the ruffle dress trend is proof of that. On runways, we’ve been seeing dresses with tiered ruffled skirts, ruffles around the flits, and even ruffled shoulders. In some cases, the ruffles are intended to be an accent, while in other cases, a dress is covered in ruffles. If you’re a fan of 80s fashion, a ruffle prom dress might be right for you. 

You might think that there are no shops who have this kind of design but if you drive through your local store, you will find a particular prom store in NJ that rent out dresses with this kind of design.

Animal Print 

Animal prints have been out of vogue for a while, but in 2019, they started to show up on runways again. This season, animal prints are back in a big way. Leopard prints are an especially popular choice for formal wear. Sherri Hill, a popular prom dress designer, has been using leopard print regularly. 

You’ll find animal print on many styles of gowns, from classic A-line dresses to glamorous mermaid gowns. If you want a dress that feels adventurous, an animal print prom dress is a great choice. Aside from prom dress stores, there are also bridal shops in NJ that offer gowns with animal print for special occasions. 

The 1920s Inspired Dresses 

Dresses inspired by the roaring 20s have been in style since The Great Gatsby hit theaters. Today, these dresses are the perfect way to celebrate your prom. You can have a lot of fun wearing a flapper-inspired fringe dress as you dance the night away. 

If you’d prefer something that’s a little more classic and elegant, you could try wearing a dramatic floor-length gown. Take a closer look at the 1920s-inspired prom dresses we have available. 

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Prom dresses NJ evolve from time to time and you can find this type of style in some local stores near you, especially those dress shops that cater special requests for customized dresses.

Polka Dots 

During the 1950s, polka dots peaked in popularity. Today, polka dots are playful and timeless. While polka dot dresses can have a retro vibe, this pattern has never really fallen out of fashion. You can expect to see a lot of polka dot dresses this year. Many actresses, including Brittany Snow and Alison Brie, have been seen wearing polka dots. 

They were also featured prominently at New York Fashion Week. If you want a lighthearted and fun look at prom, a polka dot dress could be perfect for you. Some bridal stores in NJ do stock polka dots dresses that you can choose from. Go ahead and set an appointment with them and pick from their options which one you think best suits you.

Old Hollywood 

There’s nothing like the feeling of classic Hollywood glamour, especially when you’re dressing for prom. The right dress will make you feel like you just stepped off the red carpet. 

There are plenty of classic gowns that you can take inspiration from, including the memorable pink dress that Marilyn Monroe once wore to Audrey Hepburn’s black gown from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Floor-length gowns tend to have a touch of old Hollywood magic, especially if they’re made from sequins or fabrics like velvet or satin. 

Open back dresses, bias-cut skirts, and cowl necklines are all very flattering. A prom dress with a touch of Hollywood glamour could be perfect for you. 

You don’t have to panic about finding a dress for prom 2021. There are countless options to choose from and a dress store in NJ that can cater your requests for your prom gown, which means you’ll be able to search for a dress that you’ll love.

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