The Difference Between Standard Gown Cleaning and Wedding Gown Preservation


As a bride, it’s important to understand the importance of having your wedding dress cleaned. As time passes, any organic material that is left on the delicate fabric of your gown can cause significant damage. This includes things like food, perfume, and deodorant. If you leave your gown uncleaned for a few years, you may find that areas that originally looked perfectly clean will begin to look yellow and stained as the organic material begins to cause visible damage. 

These stains are invisible to the naked eye but slowly appear over time as they set into the fabric. There are numerous differences between cleaning a wedding dress and preserving a wedding dress and it’s important to understand this.

There’s even a recent popular news story about a new bride whose mother had her dress preserved with a not well-known wedding gown preservation company (that’s no longer in business). When her daughter opened the box (which had no viewing window) two decades later, she discovered that the mother’s wedding gown had yellowed dramatically and appeared as if it had never even been treated before being stored. 

The bride was extremely unhappy about the situation and the mother was heartbroken that she couldn’t share her special dress with her daughter. This type of situation could cause major issues, leaving a bride with no wedding dress and a lot of disappointment, instead. However, they could be prevented by correct cleaning and preservation of the wedding dress. 

Old-fashioned Methods for Wedding Gown Cleaning 

The basic process for cleaning and preserving a wedding dress when you take it to your corner dry cleaner will typically include the use of PERC, a common cleaning agent that dry cleaners use. PERC isn’t just dangerous to the fabrics in your gown, it’s also very dangerous to both humans and the environment. 

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The dry-cleaning industry has modernized, so there’s no real reason to continue using PERC. However, business owners sometimes don’t upgrade to more modern systems or aren’t able to financially adapt to the newer cleaning technologies that are available on the market today. 

Modern Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Technology 

We’re one of the first companies in the United States to bring SYSTEMK4 cleaning technology from Germany. Today, we’re proud to offer one of the only technologically based wedding dress preservation processes. Our system has taken the cleaning industry by storm. 

The 4-step process that we offer is completely effective for treating stains like dirt, oil, grass, and grease. It cleans far more thoroughly than old-fashioned dry cleaning a wedding dress services. This system safely treats all of the fabric of your gown, helping keep it as clean and beautiful as the first day you tried it on. 

Go the Extra Mile to Protect Your Wedding Dress 

Taking the time to have your wedding dress professionally cleaned will completely remove stains that could cause future problems with the fabric. However, if you want it to look its best for years to come, you may need to take additional steps. This is where the fourth step of our SYSTEMK4 process takes effect. 

This step consists of an invisible micro treatment that protects your gown while it rests in a preservation chest. This treatment protects the gown while it’s being stored, as well as if it’s work in the future, repelling stains and helping to keep the fabric bright and beautiful. 

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