Step By Step Guide To Guest Blogging Services For YouTube Seo

Step By Step Guide To Guest Blogging Services For YouTube Seo


For every marketer, blogging is the essential component when it comes to increasing the reach of a certain website, acquiring more potential leads, and generating more traffic. However, sometimes, it might increase their reach and generate more traffic, but, it might not give them the potential leads that they require, due to the lack of site credibility. In that case, opting for guest blogging can prove highly beneficial for those sites.

But, in case you are a YouTuber, and want to increase the number of viewers, you would typically use youtube SEO to generate more viewers for your video. But can you use the method of guest blogging to do it? Given the benefits offered by guest blogging, it is a highly effective method through which you might get the necessary amount of recognition to make your video rank high on the YouTube search engine. 

If you are wondering how you can add up both of these things into one, then don’t worry. In this article, you will be provided with basic guidance on how to execute it. So, keep reading this article to find out more about what is YouTube seo and guest blogging

What is Youtube SEO?

Youtube SEO is a process, where you optimize your YouTube videos and your channel to get a high ranking across different search engines. Such as YouTube search and google search engine. By optimizing your video you will see an increasing number of viewers, subscribers, and revenue. 

How Does YouTube SEO Execute?

The central key to optimizing your YouTube video is to rank high on search engines by including keywords in the text of your video. Here is a list of areas where you can use keywords to increase the search ranking of your website. 

  • Title
  • Thumbnail
  • Description
  • Transcript
  • Tags
  • Links
  • Call to action
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What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a process, where you write a blog and publish it on a third-party website, for the benefit of both parties. However, both of the websites should be relevant or should follow the same niche. Here are a few reasons why guest blogging is done, 

  • To increase brand credibility and brand awareness. 
  • Attract more traffic to the publisher’s domain as well as the writers. 
  • To build relationships with different individuals working in the same niche or industry.  

In Simple words, it is an SEO process that is beneficial for both parties, that is the writer and the publisher. 

How Do You Merge YouTube Seo And Guest Blogging? 

The process of Guest Blogging for YouTube SEO is extremely easy. You can create a backlink of your Youtube video and then include it in the article or content that you want to publish with appropriate keywords. Once published, whenever a visitor will click on the backlink that you have posted will lead them to your youtube channel. 


You can also opt for Guest blogging services India, to optimize both your youtube video and the blog post effectively. Being highly expert in the process, they can prove to be highly beneficial for you. In case you are not getting the number of viewers that you want for your youtube channel then guest blogging on a reputed third-party site will give you the credibility that you need to increase the number of viewers along with video ranking on search engines.

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